Горький ШОКОЛАД Своими Руками  / Raw Dark Chocolate Coconut “Bounty”

Горький ШОКОЛАД Своими Руками / Raw Dark Chocolate Coconut “Bounty”

I want a chocolate! only it! Although there is no .. Maybe.. a power over the world But first chocolate! The sweet day my friends! You are on my culinary studio! Today is a lesson how to make a raw chocolate. Now it is not easy to find a natural chocolate. Homemade chocolates will cost more Because handwork is always appreciated above! The most useful is the dark chocolate. I suggest you plunge into this mystical process of chocolate making and make chocolate at home. Chocolate making is very simple and fast. You will be convinced soon and then you will regale your delicious homemade chocolate. You need: 75 grams of cocoa butter 125 grams of cocoa powder 2 tablespoons of honey 20 grams of coconut flakes Melt coconut oil over hot water Heat water in pan Grind the coconut on a small side of a grater Feature of fresh grated coconut it’s juicy, tender and tasty When the water boils turn off the fire melt the butter over the steaming pan Preferably the fire was small and the water does not boil So we will save all the benefits of products cocoa butter, coconut and honey. Do not destroy useful fats and your chocolate will be not only delicious but also useful After the butter is melted add the cocoa powder Thoroughly mix it Now add two tablespoons of honey Then more mixing the more tender the chocolate will be Add fresh coconut flakes And spread the future chocolate in some form. All! Magic happened and our wonderful chocolate is ready! Leave to cool it. I cool it at room temperature for 5-6 hours. I if you can not wait then put it in the fridge. And soon we will feast! We got the bitter chocolate Bounty. And when you try it you will understand this truly heavenly delight! Friends! If you want you can use sugar instead of honey or a sugar substitute. Use coconut oil or butter But the only real chocolate is with cacao butter. Add salt, spices, nuts, dried fruits. Fantasize! I taught you how to make chocolate at home. And now you can open your own factory of delicious chocolate at home. Chocolate is not a weakness, it is a confirmation of good taste! This chocolate should melt in the mouth, not in the hands. When you bite a little piece and it starts to melt in your mouth You will get an incredible pleasure! A real chocolate you want to enjoy separately from tea or coffee I really love hot coffee and dessert with it. This chocolate should be separate from everything. Just bite And fly away.. to the island of Bounty! Incredibly delicious and I want to eat all! In the XIX century in France doctors considered chocolate a panacea for all diseases and, therefore, prescribed it to anyone who was sick. Be healthy, happy and pamper yourself sometimes! I wish everyone smiles, warmth and kindness I wait on you a thumbs up, repost videos, subscribe to my channel See you soon! Bye!

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