Adley eats a GIANT CHOCOLATE!!  (taste test)

Adley eats a GIANT CHOCOLATE!! (taste test)

– Daddy. – [Brandon] High five, come on, oh- – [Shaun] Woo, have a seat! (laughing)
(boom) – [Brandon] Oh, I get one and you don’t! – I want a high five. – No! (screaming) – We’re going to the space station! – Okay, guys we’re gonna
have the best average Christmas break! Where we going? – Space station. – We’re going to the space station. Let’s go. Oh, (pause) hello? – Hi. – Oh, hi. – [Adley] Hi.
– You wanna go to the space station? – Yeah! – Okay, let’s go, bye!
– Bye! (upbeat music) ♪ Jumps, cover me jumps ♪ – What are you singing? Do you wanna listen to that song? – Yeah. – Okay let’s do it. (gasps) We’re almost to the space station, this is the last turn! We got it just in time! Are you ready? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. ♪ Don’t you come for me ♪ ♪ Don’t you come for me ♪ – Adley, what did we bring
to the space station? – My baby’s buckled in
– Your baby – [Adley] and my phone.
– And your phone. – [Adley] And my big
chocolate and all my things. – Your scooters and your
bike and a chocolate? – Yeah!
– Guys we’re gonna open – [Shaun] Adley’s giant
chocolate today, huh? – Yeah, I can’t wait to get out. I can’t get out. – That’s ’cause it’s child proof, you gotta wait for me. Ha ha ha, (long pause) ahh ha! Now you’re free! – I can’t get- – [Shaun] Alright, let’s
get all your stuff. Do you wanna carry your big chocolate? – Oh no, it’s too heavy, I have my baby. – [Shaun] (laughing) Okay let’s go. We’ll come back and get your bike after. – Na na na na! – [Shaun] Okay, let’s go, hurry! Get your baby in so she’s not cold. Whew, we’re here! – Okay, let’s go get some more stuff. – [Shaun] Okay (laughs)
let’s go get some more stuff. (stomping) – I got it, open it! Wee! (silence) Okay, okay. I’ll ride my scooter now. Hi! – [Shaun] Before we play,
we gotta watch the vlog because our Christmas vlog goes up today. – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Adley] Let’s go, let’s go!
– Let’s go! – [Shaun] Should we see if Brandon’s here? – Yeah, Brandon are you up there? – Hello.
– Hello! – Hi. – [Shaun] There he is! – [Brandon] What are you doing here? – [Shaun] Woo (laughs) she’s excited. Christmas vlog time. And while we’re reviewing
the Christmas vlog I’ve got something special for you guys. I went snowboarding over Christmas break! It was my first time going this year. I’ve been wanting to go so bad. – I wanna go sliding! – And our slide’s almost ready. Adley’s very excited about that. Anyway, so, while we’re reviewing the vlog you guys should go watch
the snowboard strat, I filmed some clips for ya. Go now. – Any rescue outside these boundaries will be at the persons expense. Have a great one! – [All] (cheering) Thank you! (upbeat rock music) ♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh ♪ (rock guitar) – Brandon, that was a good vlog. – Thank you. – [Shaun] We love it, Christmas
morning, good memories. – (gasps) I think Chicken’s there. – Sneak up on Chicken. – Sneak up on Chicken. (footsteps) Shh. – Boo!
– Ah! (screams) (laughing) – [Chicken] What are you doing here? – Good job. – We come to play.
– You come to play? – [Shaun] We come to the
space station to play! – Yeah. – Good job. – [Shaun] Hey chicken, high five. Oh yeah. – Hua!
– Oh yeah. – [Adley] Do we give them to him? – [Shaun] These are- yeah, who
do you want to give them to? – Um, Holiday. – [Shaun] Which one’s Holiday’s? – Um, this, I go give it to him! – [Shaun] Mmkay, you should
go put it on his desk. What? – Here Holiday. – He’s here. He’s been here the whole time. – I draw you a picture.
– I had no – [Shaun] idea you were here.
– You drew me a picture? – [Shaun] We’ve been
here for like an hour. – Yeah! – Spooky. Holy cow, Holiday’s just
working the holidays away, killin it. – Dad can I use your phone? – [Shaun] Yeah, here. – Hi. – Hello? – Hi. – Oh hey, – how’s it going Adley? – Good. – Are you doing good?
– Yeah. – [Chicken] Oh, that’s good, that’s good. – Okay bye! – What- hey!
(laughing) – What? She hung up on me. – Should we open this? – Yeah. Can I open with co- – Should we open it with Chicken? – Yeah. – Throw it on him. (laughing) What was so funny about that? – I got super spooked as soon as you said, “throw it on him.” I knew that you would just
– Let’s open it! – [Chicken] send it over here. (laughs) – [Shaun] Chicken let’s open it! It’s like
– What is it? – [Shaun] the old days
when we unboxed stuff. – What actually is it though? – Oh my gosh,
– Adley’s favorite – [Shaun] Christmas present.
– you got one of these things? – [Chicken] Oh my lord.
– Dude, she loves – [Shaun] chocolate more than anything. Adley, what’s your favorite
thing in the whole world? – Chocolate!
– I know, right? – [Shaun] Let’s do a good old fashioned basement space station
unboxing with tall Chicken. – Let’s go to the table.
– Deal. – [Chicken] Table.
– The table. – [Adley] I got the wrapper off. – You got the wrapper off, okay should we take the cardboard off. – Rip it, rip it, oh. (grunting) – We don’t need this. – Hold that up. – The biggest chocolate in the world. – The biggest chocolate
in the whole world. – (grunts) Get that out of here. – Whoa!
– Woo. – [Shaun] This is gonna be so big. – Oh my gosh. (laughs)
– Holy cow. – [Chicken] Oh, look at that. – Look at all that chocolate. – She’s already trying to get the bite. – Do you wanna take a bite? Here you can bite at the corner. Get that
– Take a big bite! – [Chicken] Ooo. – Wha? – That’s a perfect bite, look at that. – The first bite of the chocolate. How’s it taste? – Good.
– Can I try one? – [Adley] Yeah. – Give me that, I want some. (grunts) – [All] Mmm. – That’s yummy. – We could share all
of this with everybody. – You wanna go share it? – Mmm-hmm. – Who you gonna share it with? – That’s pretty good. I’m gonna keep, keep biting. – Holiday and Brandon.
– Ooo. – [Shaun] Share it with
Holiday and Brandon? – Mmm-hmm.
– Okay, let’s go. (stomping) – [Adley] Holiday, take a bite! – Can I have a bite? – Yeah. – I don’t wanna break my tooth, (laughing) my front tooth wiggly. – Ooo.
– Mmm! – [Adley] Is it good?
– This is the best chocolate – [Holiday] I ever had. – See ya
– Thank you! – [Shaun] we’re out of here, high fives. – Bye. – She’s holding it. (laughing) – Let’s go give Brandon a bite and then we’re gonna
go home and take a nap! – I just kicked that thing of water. I wasn’t even paying (laughs) any att- – Chicken. – You have to clean it up. – I do.
– You have to clean up. – Pause the vlog, stop what we’re doing. – Oh no. – [Shaun] Chicken, clean up the water. – I’m so embarrassed
(laughs) I just kicked it. – [Shaun] Where they’ve
always been, right there. – In the clo- oh! – [Shaun] Nope shut the door. Back up. ♪ Slide to the left ♪ See where my finger is? Exactly. – Okay, just making sure we
were looking for the same thing. – [Shaun] Yep, mm-hmm, got it. – Hurry up! – [Shaun] Hurry up, Chicken! – Yes, yes ma’am. – [Shaun] Should we help him? – Nnnh- yeah! – [Shaun] Yeah, let’s help him. – [Adley] I’ll get the ice cubes. – [Holiday] You’re dropping ice. – [Shaun] Alright new rule,
no kicking over drinks. – I’m sorry. – Let’s not drop the chocolate. – [Shaun] Yeah don’t drop it. (grunting and stomping) – Don’t drop it. – [Holiday] Slide progress is looking good are we showing that? – I already gave a slide update. – [Holiday] Oh shoot,
that’s awkward. (laughs) – That whole slide
update, come on Chicken. – Brandon we got a surprise for ya. – Oh my gosh,
– Take a bite. – [Brandon] that’s the
biggest chocolate ever. I’m- take a bite? (grunting) – Whoa,
– Whoa, that’s a big bite. – [Shaun] that was a big bite! (laughing) Adley, that was like a dinosaur bite. (slow sad music) – Is there oh- – You good?
– Oh- – [Chicken] Is she sad? – Hey what are you doing?
– What are you doing? – [Shaun] Where are you going? – Oh she was taking a bite! (gasps) – You were taking a bite?
– She stole a bite. – [Shaun] You stinker. – Take a big bite! (growls) – [Chicken] Wow that was a big bite! – Okay, let’s go ride the scooters. Who needs a slide when you’ve got stairs? – Whoa, holy crap! – That just looks so
appetizing now, doesn’t it? (laughing) – Let’s go scooter! – Yeah!
– You get your scooter – [Adley] and I’ll just go outside. – Hey Chicken.
– Yo. – [Shaun] Do you wanna be a filmer buddy for the next five minutes? – Yeah. (laughs)
– Film. – [Adley] Let’s go, whoa! – Woo! – I’m scooter down the hill. – Scooter this way. – Chicken, watch this. – [Chicken] I’m wa- oh, whoa, what? – Oh I do it too! – [Chicken] One foot, one foot. – Oh no, dad! – Oh no, a cars coming. – Okay good job, let’s
get out of the road. She’s so smart. – She’s getting way out of the road. – Good job, yeah, you
can’t be by cars huh? Let’s do a race, we’ll start on this line
and race to the blue square. – [Chicken] Ooo. – Adley, at the old space station we used to call these speed tests. – [Shaun] Woo! (laughs) – Whose scooter’s fastest?
– On your mark. – [Adley] Get set. – Go!
– Go! (panting) – [Chicken] Whoa, whoa,
she’s going too fast! – She’s gonna win!
– Whoa! – [Shaun] No, Ahh! You got there first.
– Ooh, victory. – [Chicken] Adley won? Geez, you’re cooking.
– Careful. – [Chicken] (laughs) Like
where now, be careful. – You like that toe drag? (laughing) That’s style points right
there, she knows what’s up. Good job, Adley. High fives! Hey, where’s my high fives at? – No where. – No where?
– What? – [Shaun] No pass until
you give me a high five. No way, Jose.
– You gotta pay – [Chicken] the high five tax. – [Shaun] Hey where’s the high five tax? She’s escaping!
– She’s running for it. – [Chicken] She’s running for it. – Hey, you get back here, I’m a cop! Weeoo weeoo weeoo weeoo. You have to give me a high five. – Oh no! (laughs) – Yes. Hey, hey, don’t leave,
(long pause) high five. Hey, hey! She’s escaping!
– Aw she’s running! – [Shaun] Stop her! Hey you get back here! – [Chicken] Woo.
– Woo-hoo! – [Chicken] Flexin’ on-
– Still got it. – [Chicken] Flexin’ on your own daughter. – Mm-hmm call me Shonduras Fox. – (laughs) Hey.
– Okay Chicken, – [Shaun] you’re off duty. – High five.
– You’re off duty. – [Chicken] High five, come on, oh- – [Shaun] Woo, have a seat. – Oh, I get one and you don’t!
– Yeah! – [Shaun] I want a high five! – No! (screaming)
– [Chicken] Whoa! – [Shaun] Oh, delicious. Fun fact, these look- see it says pizza. One of my favorite things
to collect as a kid ’cause my ninja turtles would use them as little tables to eat their pizza on. Just, you know, life hack for you, these can be dolls tables. Anyways, guess what? Adley’s gone and now we’re
having a friend Christmas Party. There’s Jenny.
– Hey. – There’s my friends,
there’s more friends, there’s more friends,
there’s our fireplace. I kinda love the space
station for parties. This is like our
– Don’t kick my (gasps) – [Both] Holy. – Look how close that was. – This is like our second or third party at the space station. – It’s fun.
– Look how pretty Jenny looks. – [Jenny] We have another one tomorrow. – Look how pretty Lori looks. (laughing) Look how pretty Holiday looks. We all so pretty. – [Jenny] Nice. – [Shaun] Wait those are actually jars? – I think so. – If it’s not this,
I’m throwing this long. (laughing) – I don’t think it’s that. – [Shaun] It’s Tupperware? Did everyone bring like,
kitchen utensils to this party? – I feel like this is
like a bridal shower. – [Shaun] I feel like
it’s like one of those Pampered Chef parties. – Yeah, yeah.
(laughing) – Yeah! – Nice. – [Shaun] This is really nice! (laughing) – Brand new Tupperware set, wow! You got plastic Tupperware,
you got mason jars. – I needed it, some- – I just want a nice ceramic set. (laughing) What do you got here? – I’m not sad about this. Candy, soap,
– Okay. – [Lori] Which, this one is my favorite. And a lot of gum. – Wow.
– [Jake] What’s that? – [Shaun] What’s that? – One free mention on my Instagram. (laughing) – Alright, you guys are
getting the first hand appeal of the uh, this unwrapping. – [Man 2] Wait, wait, this is technically- – Oh my gosh, Holiday, I won. This is actually my favorite candy. It’s already worth it just for that. And, sparkling
– Ooo! – [Shaun] I’m set for tonight. – Do you remember when
Chicken used to have like, individual sized one of those- – Yes, no, I did too, I love these. Me, Chicken and Brandon. You’re part of the Martinelli’s crew. – I love them. – I had a Martinelli’s
in a different state and someone didn’t know what it was. Is Martinelli’s everywhere
’cause I love it. Trust your instincts. Grab a good one. – [Chicken] Let’s go
safe with the Tupperware. – Confirmed, it could be anything. – [Holiday] It could be.. – Starburst. (gasping) Chick-fil-A. – [Shaun] Oh my gosh, that’s so perfect. – Two dollars.
– [Man 3] Two dollars! – [Shaun] Ah hey, save that. That’s gonna be worth a
lot of money some day. Babe, what are we doing now? – We’re playing Nerf. – [Shaun] Jenny’s in charge of this part and she loves Nerf- Holy! Alright, we’re playing Sheriff’s and- what’s this game called? – I think it’s called Murderers
and Sheriff’s, I don’t know. – [Shaun] Murderers and Sheriff’s. – [Jenny] Okay, and
then if you have an Ace, only the Aces, you are the murderers, open up your eyes. (‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson) Alright, I think that enough time, go ahead and close your eyes. Everybody’s eyes are closed, go ahead and open your eyes everyone. – Four.. three.. two.. one.. I’ll just set this camera right here. (suspenseful music) (laughing) – No, wait, how did Jack die? – Ah! (laughs) – Abby is (indistinct). – [Brandon] Let me take
another one (indistinct). No, let me go, whoa! (laughing) – Wait, is everybody dead? – Wow, did the wolves
really just win that? – We kicked butt. – I don’t know if I knew
the rules, I’m just saying. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Hi. – Hello? – Hi. – Hello. – Okay, bye!
– Bye.

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