Best Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe – Gluten Free

Hi everyone, this time, I am going to show you how to make flourless chocolate cake recipe This recipe is really simple and only needs 4 main ingredients Because I don’t use any flour in this recipe, it means this cake is gluten free and keto friendly as well. If you’re chocolate lovers, you would like this cake for sure This cake has crispy texture on the outside but dense and fudgy on the inside (after you put it in the fridge). Really delicious! I can’t wait to show you how to make it! Let’s get started! Cut the chocolate bar into the small pieces. Use the very best quality of dark chocolate because it’s a star in this cake. I am using 74% dark chocolate. You can use chocolate chips instead of chocolate bar Cutting the chocolate bar can help to make it melted faster during the cooking time Next, prepare a bowl and put eggs into it Whisk them using a balloon whisk Boil water over medium heat. And put the bowl with chocolate on it I will melt the chocolate using a Bain-Marie method (water bath) When the chocolate and butter have been half melted, add sugar If you’re using dark chocolate that lower than 74%, you can reduce the amount of the sugar Cook and stir until butter and chocolate are melted and all ingredients is well incorporated After that, turn off the stove and take the bowl out from the pan Stir the chocolate mixtures to make the temperature lower After the temperature has been lower, pour it into the eggs And stir until all ingredients is well incorporated using a balloon whisk Stir until the batter becomes more thicker and the consistency is like this Pour it to a pan ( I am using a springform pan). Line the bottom part of the pan with parchment paper Tap the pan lightly and bake the cake in the pre-heated oven at 180 degrees Celcius for 20-25 minutes. Please refer to your own oven Let it rest at room temperature before you release the chocolate cake from the pan Store it in the fridge overnight to enhance the taste and also make the texture becomes firm and dense You can serve and eat the chocolate cake like this But, I like to add raspberry jam on the cake because chocolate and raspberry are really matching and taste really delicious Spread the raspberry jam on the top of the cake And add fresh strawberries and raspberries Sprinkle it a bit with confectioners’ sugar Thank you for watching this video until the-end If you like this video please like, leave your comments, and share And don’t forget to subscribe See you in the next videos. Bye!

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