Best Plant Based Vegan Refined Sugar Free Chocolate Cheesecake:  Whole Food Plant Based Recipe

Best Plant Based Vegan Refined Sugar Free Chocolate Cheesecake: Whole Food Plant Based Recipe

[music] Welcome to the Nutritarian Cooking Show. If you’ve noticed we have a new set. We’ve been gone for a bit. If you’ve noticed we haven’t had a video out
for a while. We’re just newly back to the states after
spending the last 4 years in NZ which was a wonderful experience four us and our whole
family. But we’re back. Glad to be back on the East Coast and today
we are going to make a Chocolate Cheesecake and it is fantastic and super easy. So let’s get started. We will start with the base, the crust and
we just have almonds here. You can do this in a food processor or a high
speed blender. I used to have a Vitamix, now we have a Blendtec
and it works great if you just pulse it just a little bit. So, we’re going to mix those just a little
bit first or grind them up a little bit first and then we’ll add the other ingredients so
it will start meshing together. Ok, One thing I will say. I am in Love with this Blendtec. It is so much quieter than the Vitamix. I mean we do have this nice handy case here
that buffers the sound a bit because we are in an apartment complex and we just thought
that would be a bit more friendly for our neighbors. It’s a great machine and it is actually quite
a bit cheaper than the Vitamix. I’m just an advocate. Alright, we’ve got our almonds done. Now we’re going to add our dates and raisins
and mix it a bit more until it starts clumping together so that we can mash it into our pan. Ok here we go. See it’s pretty fine still and you can keep
going and grind it even smaller if you want it to be more like a graham cracker type of
crust or if you want it more crumbly like a graham cracker crust you can put a bit more
almonds so it’s a bit more dry. It’s just harder to get it out of the pan
without it crumbling so I kind of like it just to stick together a little bit more. Just press that into the bottom of your springform
pan. You don’t need any oil. don’t need baking paper or anything to keep
it from sticking because we’re going to put it in the freezer and when you put it in the
freezer and you pop it out it’s easier to pop off the outside and it doesn’t stick to
it at all. It’s more like a . It kind of turns out like
a frozen ice cream cake. If anybody remembers ice cream cakes from
their childhood. Ok , that’s pressed down pretty good there. Now, we will start on the filling. And what I’ve got here are some cashews that
I’ve soaked for about 4 hours and the reason for that is most nuts have an enzyme inhibiter
on them and when you soak them it releases that into the water and it’s much easier for
you to digest and to absorb the nutrients from them. So, we’ve already poured off the liquid. Pour these in there. Dates. This guy is going to be a little bit full
but we’ll manage. Some cocoa powder, and cocoa powder doesn’t
really matter on the kind. I like to use a cocoa powder that is non-alkalized
which is what Dr. Fuhrman refers to in his book called ” Eat to Live” and it’s just a
less processed cocoa, it’s probably got about 50% more of the nutrients and alkaloids still
intact. But the only place I’ve been able to find
it is through It’s a great resource and the flavor is pretty
good kind of just depends on your taste so use what ever cocoa powder you prefer. Add our water
and soy milk. Ok , Then we’re just going to blend this until
it’s nice and creamy. Ok, if you can see it’s nice and creamy. Just like chocolate pudding. Now we’re just going to pour that into our
base. I tell you this is the most delicious, delicious
dessert. I think our family, they just love it. It is so rich. You can only have a little slice of it you
know because it’s still nuts. It’s fattening but it’s a good fattening. You just have to watch your portions on it
a little bit. But that’s not hard to do because you can’t
eat very much of it. It’s so rich and creamy you know your body
kind of tells you when it’s done. It’s like Oh, I’ve had enough. Although I think my husband would say otherwise. He can probably eat 2 or 3 pieces. Ok, there we go, Now we’re just going to pop
this into the freezer for 3-4 hours until it is pretty solid until it’s not soft in
the center anymore and then you pop it out, take the spring form off , serve it up. Ok so we’ve taken it out of the freezer, it
was 3 ish hours. Take the springform off. We’ll just cut a little slice. Awe this looks so tasty. Love it. There we go. Now, let’s taste. MMMMMMMMM this is so good . You will not miss
the real cheesecake. This is even better. See you next time.

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