Beth’s No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake Mousse Recipe

– Hey guys. So spring is the season for weddings. And today I’m coming
together with a few of my favorite channels, in the Kin Community for a bridal registry collaboration. So what does that mean? Well, we thought it would be fun to get together and show our favorite items to put on a bridal registry and then show you how you will use them. So if there are any young brides out there putting your list
together, you are in luck. So, after my video is done, be sure to stick around and click
the rest of the thumbnails in the playlist and you can see all of our suggestions and ideas. So for my part, I love to
give champagne glasses. It’s one of those things,
that as a new bride you won’t really end
up buying for yourself. So my favorite style of champagne glass is a champagne coupe. They were really popular in the 1930’s but you can also find them
at a lot of stores now a days because they are becoming back in fashion. The reason why I love this
style of champagne glass is because it’s really multi-functional. So you can serve champagne
in it, but there are also great for serving sorbets, or fancy punch, or the recipe that I’m
going to show you today. A no-bake, decadent,
chocolate cheesecake mousse. One of my favorite desserts that takes hardly any time to put together. Let me show you how to make it. So the first thing we’re going to do is create our whipped cream. This is what’s going to
give that mousse a really delicate lightness. So, with an electric mixer,
you’re going to whip together 2 cups of heavy cream, 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, and 3/4 cup of powdered sugar. Go ahead and just whip that
up until stiff peaks form. You do want the stiff peaks
because we are going to be folding this mixture into
a cream cheese mixture and if you don’t have it stiff enough, your whipped cream will start
to fall on you a little bit. So, just take it ’till
you get a nice stiff peak. Take that whipped cream and
transfer it to a large bowl. And this is what makes
this dessert even easier. You don’t even have to clean out the bowl. So in that bowl, we are going to add eight ounces of whipped cream cheese. Now, if you can’t find the whipped kind you can also use the kind that
comes in a brick, it’s okay. I like the whipped
because I find that it’s just a little bit easier and
a little bit more decadent but not to worry, the
brick will still work. To that you’re going to add
a 1/4 cup of powdered sugar. Just beat those two things together until you get a nice incorporated mixture. And then you’re also going to add a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Once that’s all combined,
we are then going to fold in our chocolate whipped cream. Just in stages, lightening
the cream cheese mixture. You also want to make sure you you don’t have any steaks of chocolate. So just make sure it’s nice and combined. You’re not going to hurt it
any by combining it well. Okay, at this stage, we are
going to transfer this mixture into a pastry bag, fitted
with your favorite tip. Now, for me right now, I am
really into this Wilton 2D tip because I think that it creates
the most beautiful designs. And because this desert is so simple, and we’re going to put
it in these fancy glasses a fancy tip will just
give you a lot of look. So I’ll put a link in the description if you want to know where to get it. Then you are just going to
pipe a nice little mount of these chocolate cheesecake mousse in the bottom of your coupe cup. And you will see you will have
one beautiful looking mousse. And if you didn’t have this style glass, you could also use a little tumbler, a margarita glass, really
any fancy glass that you can get a spoon into will do the trick. And then the finishing
touch is just to take about four to five of those
plain chocolate wafers, usually see them in the
isle next to the ice cream for some reason. I don’t know why but that’s
where they usually are. And just put them in a
resealable plastic bag. And with a rolling pin,
give them a good whack, just until you get a nice, fine, crumb. And then we are going
to take those crumbs and just dust them on top of each cup. And you will see, you will
have the most elegant looking dessert that took hardly
any time to put together. You could just put them
in the fridge just as is. They’re really great like
two to maybe four hours max before you serve it. If you leave them there over night they’ll start to get a
little bit of skin on it which isn’t as nice. So I say just a few hours
in the fridge is fine. And you will see when
you dig into this mousse, it is so delicious and light. It has all the flavor of a cheesecake without all the work of a cheesecake. It also is a great gluten
free dessert if you didn’t add the cookies on top. And often times it could be hard to find good gluten free desserts. You might just want to add
a little chocolate covered espresso bean on top, if
you were going to do that. Alright you guys. I hope you give this one a try and let me know what you think. And if you are getting married, or know anybody who’s putting
together a bridal registry, share the playlist and
give them some good ideas. Alright you guys, I’ll see
you back here next time for another delicious recipe. Until then. (guitar music)

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