BROWNIE de Chocolate listo en 3 MINUTOS en el Microondas!

Hello everyone! I’m Mery! And welcome one more day to a new video of: “Cocina para todos”! Today I have another microwave recipe, because you have liked the cookies a lot and you have sent me a lot of pictures making them So I have to make more microwave recipes to my subscriptors In this case, we’ll make a brownie, this is another dessert that you can prepare it quickly And I promise that you would be surprised with the result Also I will give you the measurements with spoons, so you don’t need to use weight. This is wonderful, right? I will leave you the ingredients of this recipe in the description down below and at the end of the video Let’s start! First, we add 12 oz dark chocolate in a bowl You can also use milk chocolate, but I like it more with dark chocolate We are also adding 4 tbsp butter, as you can see they are rather flat, not very stuffed We mix it a little and take it to the microwave at maximum power, at intervals of 30 seconds In my case, it has been enough with two intervals of 30 seconds, so we mix it The chocolate is perfect melted Next, we’re going to add 6 tbsp sugar like this. As you can see, they are completely flat, because otherwise this will be very sweet We also add 1 tsp vanilla essence Either vanilla paste or vanilla sugar, whatever you want and we mix again We add 2 eggs as well, and mix and mix again Next, we add all the dry ingredients So we are going to put them in a strainer to avoid any clumps, we add 6 flat tbsp wheat flour, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp chemical yeast or baking powder Normally, the brownie that is made in the oven doesn’t need yeast, but this one needs it, because is made in the microwave, 1 pinch of fine sal, and let’s sift it well Once it is well mixed, add 4 tbsp milk At last, we add a bunch of walnuts, crushed by hand, there is no need for very small pieces Mix it once again We already have the mix ready to make the brownie So let’s put it in the mold, I have chosen this crystal one that is microwave safe and measures 20x15cm and I will put a parchment paper so it doesn’t stick to the bottom I’m going to put this along the mold as you see. Now, we pour all the mix And we spread it well throughout the mold We only have to cook this wonderful brownie in the microwave We let it cook in the microwave at maximum power for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds In that moment we insert a stick. if its clean, that’s perfect! because that indicates the brownie is ready If the stick comes out with some uncooked brownie No problem! We keep cooking it at intervals of 30 seconds and then 30 more seconds We keep doing this until the stick comes out clean, you know that every microwave is a world and some of them may take 2 minutes 30 seconds and others may take for example 5 minutes, depending on your microwave, it will cooked before or after In my case, after 2 minutos 30 seconds the brownie is ready! It may seem is a little raw as you see, but it’s because its bright It’s compact, if you touch it and our fingers are clean So it’s ready! I’ll wait a bit until it cools down, then cut it and see how it looks inside! I have taken it out of the mold with the paper’s help and I have put it over a board So let’s cut it! Let’s see, like this In equal portions. Oh my God! It’s super juicy, super, super juicy. What a delicious thing! And as you can see, once cut they are incredible! And even if they are made in the microwave, they are super juicy and fluffy So I’m going to try them right now! Ah, hmm! Hmm This recipe is really awesome, the brownie is incredible, super juicy with cocoa flavor It’s not overly sweet, the nuts contribute with the crispiness texture. So delicious! And if we accompany it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, that’s the final shot And another thing that I have to tell you is that this brownie lasts 4 days in the same conditions approximately If you keep it wrapped in a plastic wrap, it is delicious after days, really. It’s incredible! So if you liked this delicious brownie and you want more microwave recipes Give us a like! Subscribe to our channels if you haven’t already And I will also leave you another video over here, that you may like Kisses and until the next recipe! Bye! Ingredients:

12 ounces 50% dark chocolate
4 tbsp butter
6 tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 eggs
6 tbsp wheat flour
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp chemical yeast
1 pinch of fine salt Ingredients:

4 tbsp milk
1 handful of walnuts

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