Chipotle Chocolate Ganache Recipe / BB Bakes Sugar Art

and one to two chipotle peppers
and you’re going to warm your cream up til it’s simmering cover the bowl with plastic wrap and
then allow to sit in the fridge overnight the cream mixture has been
marinating in the fridge and now we’re going to remove the chilies you can chop
the chilies and make it a little bit spicier but you’re going to need to put
the cream through a sieve to make sure that you remove all the seeds and one or
two little seeds just spice it up a little bit now I’ve allowed the cream to
sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes and the reason why is because I
don’t want to put a really cold cream onto the stovetop because there’s a
bigger chance of the cream may scorch as soon as the cream begins to foam it’s
the same process that you would do if you were making hot chocolate you’re
going to pour it directly over the chocolate give it a little whirl and make sure all the
are chocolates covered and place something on top just to keep the heat inside and
allow it to remain undisturbed for five minutes whisk the cream and
chocolate together making sure all the chocolate is melted you don’t want to
over mix the ganache at this stage place plastic wrap over the top push it down
you don’t want any air into the chocolate and we’re gonna allow it to
rest when I’m teaching sugar art one of the things I stress is to go small if this
is the first time you’ve made ganache this is the perfect recipe for you to
make and the reason is because when you can do a small batch do it perfectly
then you can venture on to a larger batch I’m just going to show you give
you a little bit of pointers this ganache has been sitting out overnight
and they’re just some little chunks in the ganache now you’re gonna do is put
some cream in a bowl so you don’t pour too much and just give it just a tiny
bit of cream now I’m going to put this into the microwave for 10 second
bursts having just a little bit of cream and ten seconds in the microwave creates
a very fluid ganache all the chocolate pieces are melted this
would be perfect for a drip cake once you allow the ganache to sit it’s going
to thicken ganache is so easy to master all you have to do is just have a little
bit of patience I do see recipes where they recommend
using the microwave but using the stovetop and continuously stirring your
cream will always give you the perfect results I hope you enjoyed this tutorial
and if you did subscribe and buzz on over to my blog I love to see what you
make with this chipotle ganache

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