Chocolate University Belgium ǀ Experiences trainees

The organisation was top. An event of this extent needs to be organised strictly for a smooth follow-up of all planned activities. You succeeded to form a group with several nationalities. And made them share their experience in 1 room. Unbelievable to be able to do that. And when it’s about chocolate, it’s even better. Unbelievable, everybody helped, everybody was enthousiastic, the public, the trainers, the people “in the background”, it was fantastic Every single day was fantastic. To meet Dominique Persoone and learn how he thinks and creates. To learn from Stéphan Leroux how to create an artistic piece of chocolate. Nicolas taught us how to make a nice chocolate. Very inspring, the bean-2-bar part. The programma was very elaborate. Everybody experienced an amazing ‘chocolate’ event. I hope when the trainees look at their certificate back at home, they will remember this fantastic week for a long time. It was very innovating and fascinating. I would recommend the masterclass to all chocolatiers. The organisation was perfect. Everything was there. Very happy to be here. I couldn’t find a better place to learn more about different chocolate techniques and to work work with several chocolate chefs. Everything was very well organised. All details well arranged. Everything went very smoothly. Thumbs up for the organisation.

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