Dark & White Chocolate Covered Fruits- Simple, Delicious, & Healthy

Hey kids, my name is Aayah and I’m Mohamad and she is Haneen! welcome to our show simple delicious and healthy Where we take our favorite recipes, substitute in a few healthy ingredient while keeping the same great taste! In our last video we made chocolate covered pretzels , and they turned out amazing! today We’re making dark and white chocolate covered fruit It is a simple but delicious way of adding a little chocolate sweetness to our fruits Everybody knows fruits are packed with nutrients and vitamins. strawberries and grapes help boost the immune system Apples increased mental alertness Oranges are healthy for teeth and bones bananas are great for athletes because it gives you energy and berries berries Have a good source of a vitamin C over here I have my three ingredient mouth-watering whipping cream that I’ll be showing you how to make in a future video. So stay tuned for that Today we have dark and white chocolate. We will also be showing you how to make from scratch and a future video This can also be used as pudding. We are using a double burner. If you don’t have one you can always use the microwave. I’m sure you’re wondering why sally isn’t here by now? She says hi and will be here later before we begin make sure to wash your hands and or wear gloves and make sure to subscribe like and share After you slice up the fruit of your choice Stick in a toothpick Dip it into the melted chocolate Let the excess drip And place it onto the cooling rack and now for our favorite part decorating We have colorful sprinkles shaved coconut and crushed up pistachios we will be repeating these steps over and over again We’re done decorating we put there the fridge for a few minutes and now it’s time to dig it Whatoplay go. Yes Sally, Haneen, not only are these good but they are healthy! (Hannen) Yummy yummy good! I like it I agree, I agree too i Really hope you guys enjoy this video, please please Don’t forget to support our small but growing channel by subscribing liking and sharing to your mom dad Auntie uncle it don’t forget to comment down below your thoughts what you would like to see in future videos and as always simple delicious and healthy

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