DIY – Гигантский ТВИКС Белый шоколад /Giant Twix white chocolate  (English subtitles)

DIY – Гигантский ТВИКС Белый шоколад /Giant Twix white chocolate (English subtitles)

Hello friends! If you look this video it means that you on the channel food hacks! My name is Olya Today we will do giant Twix white chocolate we will prepare sandy basis the softened dairy butter we mix up with sugar and we grind to homogeneity we add a flour and mix a shoulder-blade separately we will slightly fluff up an egg and we will add him to the dough first we mix everything a shoulder-blade then by hand yet pair of minutes on the sheet of parchment paper we roll dough giving shape to him rectangle we bake in an oven 20 minutes at 180 degrees the prepared sandy basis we cut in a due form in that we and we will form our twix now we will do a caramel honey white and brown sugar water we mix and put on a little fire when sugar will dissolve we increase a fire to middle and we lead to mixture to 120 degrees such culinary thermometer it is a very useful thing on a kitchen but if you do not have such thermometer it is not needed to be disordered simply cook a caramel constantly stirring about 10 -15 to amber-coloured when a caramel will attain a necessary temperature we take off her from a fire we add dairy butter to her in separate tableware we pour spissated milk and warm him on a fire 5 minutes we pour in to the almost prepared caramel and again cook to 100 degrees stirring we pour a caramel in the form covered by parchment and cover a sandy dough on water bath we drown a white chocolate and if you have a thermometer that will trace what not to overheat him a temperature must not exceed 30 degrees part of chocolate we inundate in a form and put in the freezer of minutes on 30 we reach chocolate bar from a form and cut edges what he maximally looked like the original stick of Twix we shift our long loaf on dishes or on sublimity and neatly we cover a white chocolate we do a pattern a hot soupspoon and put everything in a refrigerator what a chocolate hardened well here ordinary stick of Twix and our giant that outside that inwardly they nothing differ in only unless our Twix minimum tenfold anymore and more delicious

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