Hello people of the internet it is barry here
welcome to my virgin kitchen it is another Sunday funday video and today is a giant food,
it is not that giant though it is kind of epic in comparison to its tiny brother you
may remember a while ago I did a video called toasted marshmallow shots, basically you hollow
out a marshmallow, line it with chocolate, fill it with baileys and down it and boy is
it stonking good and I today using the power of a plant pot that I have lined with tape
to cover holes at the bottom we are going to try and make its big brother I know some
of you are like please make the giant marshmallow you made before with your mates because that
toasted really well, no it did not we are going to do this because that will be a big
enough shot of baileys to have right lets get going.
First thing we are going to do is take this plant pot, this is a brand new one by the
way not from our garden that I scraped the soil out of brand new I have given it a good
wash, just got some spray oil, not too much is needed just a teeny lubrication, and some
kitchen towel just wipe it a bit alright. Now course this is one way of doing it with
the marshmallow then chocolate inside but we could do the giant version of a rolo where
we did a chocolate bucket and encased marshmallow around it, its up to you but lets get the
marshmallow in it. Alright big mixing bowl there and a bag of
marshmallows going in there this is kind of like modern day English bloke problems I could
not find a bag of marshmallows that were all white some are white some are pink but hey
I am not picky and it should merge together and form a cool colour we are going to microwave
this, I do not know if you have ever microwaved marshmallow before but it kind of goes crazy
I will try and capture it on the camera but I do not know if it will show it or not.
It is going in for a minute I am not sure it is quite reflective so may capture it we
give it a go, we microwave them until they form a gooey clump it will rise together you
do not need to start or stop the microwave just do it in one long pulse, until it rises
like the marshmallow man from ghostbusters there we go check out the height on that coming
around it is enormous, there you go, check that out.
So our lightly greased pot we are now going to, woooooo, be careful you see the steam
coming out of that get a marshmallow facial, we are going to give it a very brief stir,
to make sure it is nice and even it is kind of like marshmallow fluff now, but you do
not want to use fluff as it will not firm like this will. First thing we will do is
the base, so just spoon the marshmallow into the bottom of the plant pot ok, just give
it a stir around like that so it is evenly covered. And now all we are going to do is
keep adding marshmallow to the sides, like so, if I just show you like this, lifting
it up like that and we are going to work all the way around, until we kind of get like
a marshmallow bucket, try and work fast as whilst the marshmallow is warm like this it
will be more manoeuvrable. *musical interlude* there we go check that out my marshmallow
bucket what I am going to do now is stick that in the freezer for five minutes let it
firm up then add some more mallow lifting it to the sides. Lets go. Oh and do not forget
to wipe down your surfaces or your wife may kill you.
Guys do we think this is going to work huh, maybe not.
So I have just taken it out of the freezer and as it is a bit more manoeuvrable some
of it has dropped to the bottom so all you need to do is lift it up the sides all the
way round you probably only need to do this a couple more times so it holds there keep
putting it in the freezer until gripped together and you have a wall of marshmallow bucket.
It has been 25 minutes and of course the marshmallow has not frozen in that time but it is nice
and firmed up so what we do is add that chocolate lining that we did to the small version too
I have melted up some chocolate in the microwave let it stand a couple of minutes at room temperature
so it will not blast through the marshmallow but what we are going to get is the chocolate
and just spoon it right in like that ok, see that, then we just work it around, work it
around, nice chocolate base like so, then just pour that in and again just work up the
sides completely coating the marshmallow area the other thing you can do is load it and
keep moving it while the chocolate is still melting it will roll around it is up to you
as long as you get the marshmallow coated I am happy with you.
*musical interlude* Hopefully what you will see is the coldness
of the marshmallow will begin to firm up the chocolate and set it straight away, but we
will put it in the freezer now anyway then after 5 minutes lift it up to make sure it
is up the sides back in the freezer it goes. This has been in the freezer for ten minutes
so it has firmed up already we gave it one extra lift there we shove it in now I know
it is coated for an epic four hours or ideally overnight, so see you in a bit.
*musical interlude* Right folks that has been 4 hours and I have
taken the dogs for a walk along the beach they are now knackered and down there let
me show you, amazing, there we go sleeping like a baby so after about 2 hours I have
loosened it a tiny bit around the edges of the pot, it was gripping really well so I
gave it a good squeeze at room temperature just for a few minutes and the marshmallow
started to crack and come away which I really think fingers crossed has made this a success.
Lets get it out of the freezer. Just before I do get it out the freezer I
am using a chefs blowtorch if you have not got one of these get hold of a friend who
is a plumber as they will have a crazy massive one like that, lets get it out of the freezer.
Ah so it is a bit cold but you can see where I have squeezed it and loosened it from the
plant pot there is a little bit of give there, so lets pop it out, feel like I am at the
beach come on, oh yes! I cannot tell you how nervous I was then look
it has worked, we have a giant marshmallow cup thing now one thing I am going to say
is this ok it is not too sticky right now but once it gets to room temperature you are
not going to want to hold it so that is where the blowtorch comes in and we torch it up.
When daddy was tapping that it looked like he was building a sandcastle it does look
like a big marshmallow sandcastle yeah alright cool, so this is dangerous mate, you going
to stay there, I hope it works, hopefully it will, oh yes it is toasting, guess what
blue is phoebes favourite colour, is blue her favourite colour? Look oh my gosh so we
are toasting every part of it we want to make sure this toasts so you can hold it it smells
like a crumpet, like a crumpet? Oh my it is working. It is like you are spraying your
tongue? Yeah it is. So all I am looking for I am going to char the edges and that is going
to once it cools down caramelise and firm up and make it easier to hold rather than
the gooey marshmallow which will fall off you have got Minnie mouse you have, it is
my favourite so remember the chocolate inside is what will hold the drink in but this is
what will hold the cup. It is like a marshmallow nose, a marshmallow
nose? Look at this, that is a lot further from her face than it looks by the way I thought
it was going to turn blue, blue? I am over the moon with that I am going to put it back
in the freezer for it to firm up then we will stick some alcohol in it and I will have it.
Here we go then folks, the moment of truth. Teeny drop of milk and topping it up with
a lot of baileys, and it has not leaked oh my gosh.
Look at it, it is water tight, better have a drink.
*musical interlude* Wow, well I am not driving anywhere for a
while, that was a lot of baileys I mean I do like baileys but what I do like now is
that I can take my marshmallow cup �take this marshmallow cup and learn to fly again�
and you can eat it, hmmmm so good. Look at that, I think I may need a lie down.
I have just realised how much I have drunk but I am going to bed in a couple of hours
amazing for a party male female mansize queensize whatever you want to call it give it a try
but of course the scaled down version is already on the channel subscribe for regular recipe
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give it a go, so good.

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