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today we’re making a white chocolate ganache. We made the milk chocolate ganache a couple of days ago on the channel which we use for that wonderful
malteser cake, if you didn’t see that check it out. Today we’re making the
white chocolate ganache, it’s a tiny bit different the recipe but it’s still very
simple to make. The slight difference with the white chocolate ganache is
we’ve got the 225 gram, that’s 8 ounce, packet of white chocolate and because
white chocolate isn’t really a proper chocolate, I’m just going to cut the top off
of this, we’re using slightly different ratios. So I’m going to actually use 6
ounces, which is about 170 grams. I’m going to zero my scales and I’m going to
add in thick cream, about 2 ounces, so you’ll see for a white chocolate ganache
we’re using slightly less cream. It’s about a third cream to chocolate. Same as
with the regular chocolate ganache you can either heat this in the double
boiler on the stove, a little bit of water in a saucepan or you can take this
and just blast it in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds at a time, don’t
overheat it, it will burn very easily. After only 30 seconds it looks as if the
chocolate actually hasn’t melt but the warmth of the cream will actually melt
those little chocolate buttons down and I’m going to mix this fairly vigorously
until we get a beautiful smooth silky ganache. Now don’t be tempted to overheat
this in the microwave, white chocolate burns very easily. What you need to do
now is set this in the fridge and as it chills down it’ll become a little bit
whiter, it will also become very firm. If you want to use this for a crumb coat on
a cake then you’re going to need to warm it a little bit, I really do like to
blend this one up, just get our whisk in there and whisk it for a little while
so that it becomes a lighter shade of ganache and then it makes really great
piping, if you want to use it on top of cupcakes. It also tastes delicious, so
there it is very simple to make white chocolate ganache. Check out that
malteser cake recipe we did last weekend or recently on the channel and
lots of other great cakes. I’ll leave some links up here to the cakes on
Steve’s kitchen. Be good and I will see you very shortly for another
great episode of Steve’s kitchen, don’t forget subscribe and hit the bell so you
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  • …or just eat it from the bowl warm… or eat the little buds right from the bag. LOL Can you tell I like white chocolate? When I lived in Vancouver (BC) back in '83-84 there was a little shop around the corner on Robsonstrasse that sold all sorts of cooking and baking supplies and they had big chunks of white chocolate. My weekly treat. ;( Haven't thought of that for ages. Good memories. Now what can I use white chocolate ganache on…?

  • Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have been Fans of your Youtube Channel for a long time. Carry on and maybe you would like to try some dishes from Bosnia next. Your awesome ( sorry for bad english )

  • I dont eat white chocolate as a stand alone snack but i love white chocolate in desserts and baked goods but it can be a bit awkward to work with so i appreciate the tips in this video 🙂