FreeAgent – Black Mocha Case Study

Black Mocha is a cafe. So we serve coffee,
cake, sandwiches. We also do a cooked brunch menu. Our concept for the cafe is
largely vegan, vegetarian, a lot of dairy free options. We also do a lot of
gluten free options. If you’re vegan and
gluten free we’ve got you covered basically, yeah. We’ve always
wanted to create a really relaxed atmosphere and
make it a really inclusive place. Everyone that works here is
passionate about the product that they serve. We have so many
regular customers that come back because
they have really, really enjoyed their experience and that is from the whole team. The POS system we
use here at Black Mocha is Goodtill systems and that
works really well for us. It cuts out a lot of paperwork it’s really user friendly
for the customer as well. So yeah, it’s been a really
handy tool actually. We use Goodtill Point of Sale system. It’s really, really
helped our business in terms of being able
to record everything. The integration with FreeAgent
is perfect, our end of day reports go straight to the
FreeAgent software. It really, really does help with
my weekly reconciling. Probably saves me, I would say a couple of hours
each week. We’ve had other chip and pin systems and this is definitely the best.
To have things more integrated saves us a lot
more time and just makes it a lot easier for us to
run our business essentially, yeah. I use FreeAgent for my VAT returns, my payroll, for
my annual tax return. I use it for everything, and my accountant uses it as well. So we can both work on the same
accounts very, very easily. FreeAgent is a very
simple piece of software and the support offered by
FreeAgent is just excellent. So if I ever have any issues I can contact them
straight away. They have a really good knowledge
base on the website as well, so I can always
find any answers that I’m looking for at the time. FreeAgent makes my accounting so much easier. I like FreeAgent because
it’s simple and easy to use. I really like the
support that it gives.

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