Gâteau IMPOSSIBLE 👽 (Recette Extra FACILE)

Gâteau IMPOSSIBLE 👽 (Recette Extra FACILE)

hi rebellious cooks it’s Yannick today I’m going to present you the impossible cake why impossible ? simply because it is impossible! it is a cake that is composed of two layers one is a flan and the other one, a chocolate cake when we cook them, we cook them together in our mold, we will first put the cake dough on which, we will deposit our flan dough and when cooking they will reverse does it sound to you completely crazy? so does it to me ! I will show you how to do it follow me in our mold here I have a 20 cm mold with a 7 cm height we will drop 160 g of sugar to which we will add a tablespoon of water and place our mold directly on heat I will put a more or less strong heat 7 on a scale of 9 while our sugar turns into caramel we will prepare our ingredients for our flan which is also called quesillo in some countries we need lemon zest a teaspoon of vanilla extract 300 ml sweetened condensed milk 240 ml of whole milk and 3 eggs we will start with the eggs for your eggs I was noticed in the comments I share with you the trick rather than breaking all your eggs
in your bowl break them one by one into a separate bowl Why ? will you tell me simply because if an egg is rotten or bad it will contaminate all your eggs so it’s better to separate them one by one and mix them up as you go that’s it our eggs our milk concentrated milk and for those who want, you can add 2 to 3 spoons of rum or whiskey lemon zest no need to put to much and using a hand blender we mix everything voilà our quesillo or our custard is ready our caramel is ready using a wooden spoon we are going to mix the rest of our sugar and we will coat the side of our mold with our caramel at least half of the mold for our chocolate cake we need 165 g of sugar 200 g flour 60 g cocoa powder 50 g of butter 3 eggs and 2 teaspoons of baking powder in a big bowl, we’ll start to put the eggs with a whip, we will mix them mix your eggs properly as if you were
going to make an omelette do not hesitate on elbow grease once you’re tired, you add sugar and you mix go ahead with speed #2 push the bowl take a small board and cut your butter into small pieces the butter should be at room temperature like that once you have cut your butter precisely you incorporate it into your dough bowl you pick up your hand machine and you mix you start on a slow speed and then you go directly to speed #2 also called turbo speed 125 ml of milk is added here I use whole milk to which we will add the flour our flour we will add it not in one go but in several stages right here that I show you I have a spatula-sieve or spatula-strainer or colander-spatula no matter the name the idea is to sift our flour as we go along with it in our dough here at this stage of the process we will leave our dough aside for 2-3 minutes time to put a pan on the fire and heat water in our pan I will place a small raiser that will allow us to bake our cake a part in the bain-marie and another part in steam I will start by pouring a little water and I’m going to start the fire on a medium fire with our spoon with holes we will continue to sift our chocolate we will also add 2 teaspoons of baking powder in this cake there is so much chocolate that we could
almost make … bricks, with as I told you, it’s an impossible cake there is a bit of magic in it we start by making concrete and we finish with a cake and finish with a zest of lemon it will bring us some freshness
in our cake to bake our cake or “gaflan” (chocoflan) we will put our mold in our pan and fill with water until half of the mold half the height of the mold so for that I will start by heating water to fill our dish when I’m going to cook it our cake dough is ready we can fill our mold we will start by pouring our chocolate cake dough directly on the caramel take your mold and we will tap it like that a little bit to make sure … our cake dough is flattening properly in our mold you make it turn a little like that it’s absolutely useless and we will fill it with our flan to do this we will not pour it directly otherwise it’ll make a hole in our cake we will pour our liquid on a spoon very close to the cake and we fill slowly but surely like that now that our mold is filled and with cake dough and with flan dough we will cover our mold with aluminum foil to do this you place your sheet
on your work plan and with your fingers you will create a kind of cloth like that redeploy and place it on your mold to create a dome you see, I’m coming back to the edges my aluminum foil our cake is ready to cook we will place our mold gently
in our pan and we will fill our cake on the side slowly up to half height that’s it visually I do not know if you see on the camera I can see trust me we are exactly halfway up we cover our pan with a lid my fire was set at 5 on a scale of 9 I will pass it to 4 and now cook my cake for 1 hour 20 minutes 1 hour 20 or 80 minutes 80 minutes later we will remove the aluminum without getting burned voilà and as you can see the magic took place the cake is at the top at random, we’ll still check the cooking perfect impeccable we will let our cake cool down and when we can catch it, we’ll take it out of the mold we will let our cake cool at ambient temperature then we will put it in the fridge 8 hours later we took out our cake from the fridge it is now time to cut it and show you inside as you can see on the side our cake having inflated there are parts that are more or less high more or less empty the surface is not equal so what we are going to do with the help of a knife, we will cut
the excess of cakes and transfer our cake to a plate I hope you learned something new today or at least, you learned to do an impossible cake if it’s the first time you come on this channel do not forget to subscribe and click on the bell to receive all notifications otherwise I see you soon in the next video right here

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  • Bonjour Yannick
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