Ghirardelli Accused Of Selling Fake White Chocolate Chips

Ghirardelli Accused Of Selling Fake White Chocolate Chips

Well, with the holiday season upon us, lots
of people head into the kitchen, they bake cookies, they bake cakes, they bake all kinds
of things. And this is what those companies who sell
things like marshmallows or chocolate chips or whatever it is live for. But unfortunately, according to a new class
action lawsuit, one company is selling a form of white chocolate chips that may not be chocolate
at all. Joining me now to talk about this is Scott
Hardy with Top Class Actions and Scott as somebody who watches food network pretty much
nonstop, white chocolate is technically not chocolate because it does not contain any
of the cocoa solids, but white chocolate is in fact a thing. But this lawsuit against Ghirardelli says,
okay, we understand white chocolate’s not necessarily chocolate by definition, but you’re
not even giving us white chocolate. You’re giving us a bunch of things that you
concocted in a lab and you’re calling that white chocolate. This is, you know, pretty deceptive of a company
that’s been around for a long time, you know, pretty well respected in the candy world and
so tell us what’s going on now. Yeah. Ghirardelli, I mean, you go to their, their
factory, their store when you’re in San Francisco, they make delicious chocolates. I myself am a fan, but then you have this
class action that was filed because as you said, white chocolate, yes, it’s not real
chocolate. But what they’re doing here is they’re just
adding flavors to their hydrogen, hydrogenated and palm oils, hydrogenated oil and palm oil
and then coloring and selling this stuff as white chocolate chips. And that’s the issue. But the, the funny thing is, is that they
were hit with a class action and settled it back in 2014. Back in 2014 it was a very, very, very similar
class action settlement. And so we’re trying to take a look at this
and say, what, did Ghirardelli just forget? Were they acquired, so then the new acquisition
made that they didn’t have to abide by the terms of the class action settlement from
2014? Did those terms expire and so Ghirardelli
just went back to marketing it in the same way? I’m not quite certain yet. The team’s looking at both class actions to
see exactly what’s happening. But it’s surprising that you have an established
brand that’s trusted and loved like Ghirardelli, come back and get hit with a class action
that they already settled five years ago. You know, and again, this is a trusted company. You know, Ghirardelli is known for chocolate. That is what they do. And so if you’re out there baking, you want
to have the best thing possible. So you do reach for these, you know, Ghirardelli
white chocolate chips. You pay a little bit more for them, but you
think you’re getting a better product and that, you know, is something we talk about
all the time. You pay a little more because you think you’re
getting something a little bit better. But as this lawsuit states, you’re not using
any of the cocoa fats, which is what makes it actually white chocolate. Instead, you’re using the other oils that
you’re just mixing together and claiming that this is white chocolate. You’ve somehow managed in a lab to mimic the
flavor of it to an extent. They’re also claiming it’s obviously quite
inferior to real white chocolate, so they’ve got a good case because this one’s going to
come down to science. You know, you’re going to be able to look
at this, you’re going to be able to test this. They’re going to be able to find out what’s
actually in there and again, knowing that they have, as you pointed out, done this in
the past, their own history is working against them on this one. It really is, I mean you got hit with it five
years ago, oh, please just do the right thing. Maybe put the premium ingredients that we
expect from Ghirardelli in your chocolate. Because if you’re looking at, in the grocery
store and you’re making a yummy Christmas treat or Hanukkah treat or holiday treat for
your family and you’re taking a look there and you see the Ghirardelli brand and you
see the generic brand, the store brand, well of course you’re going to go for the Ghirardelli
brand. But it’d be crazy if that store brand actually
has the premium ingredients that you were expecting in that Ghirardelli chocolate. So I’m hoping that they go ahead and address
the labeling or even better, just go for the premium stuff. Give us that premium Ghirardelli taste that
we love when we go to Ghirardelli square in San Francisco and, and eat that chocolate. Right, I mean, the consumers are already paying
for the superior product, so all you’ve got to do is actually give us what we’re paying
for and we’re going to be happy. But at the same time, obviously with this
lawsuit, you need to go ahead and compensate us in some form for the inferior product that
you duped us into buying. For more information about this particular
issue, please follow the link in the description of this video. It’s going to take you over to Top Class Actions
and while you’re there, make sure you sign up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions, always
a pleasure talking to you. Great talking to you too, Farron. Thank you.

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55 thoughts on “Ghirardelli Accused Of Selling Fake White Chocolate Chips”

  • Born and raised in San Francisco. All I remember is that Ghirardelli's Flicks used to taste like chocolate flavored wax. Anyone who grew up in the City knows exactly what I am talking about.

  • There is really no such thing as white chocolate.  It is a combination of oils and favored with vanilla extract.  It sounds good but it is truly some nasty stuff.  Its the cousin to a scoop of lard in a pretty bowl, covered with chocolate syrup made to look like ice cream.

  • Only in the States would there be a class action on White Chocolate. White baking chips do not contain chocolate solids. Buyer beware and read the labels.

  • I’m not defending them, but I noticed one ingredient was palm oil. We had to change our buttercream at work, and they are now using palm oil also. One, it’s horrible on drains, and it just plain makes an inferior product. Our buttercream is nowhere near as good as it used to be. Not to mention a terrible problem with consistency. But hey, the trans fats are gone…sadly, trans fats just make a better product….

  • Ghirardelli is like the Rolls Royce of cookies – expensive but highest quality They are the last people I would suspect of such a scam.

  • ………..You literally started a class action because a product is not a thing, it literally doesn't exist. What do you want them to do, fucking invent White Chocolate? Usually I enjoy yall's work but this is class action is a big fat nothing burger my dudes. You might as well open a class action against purple and pink polkadot colored people because there are no purple and pink polkadot colored people. For fucks sakes guys. I predict you guys are going to lose this one. Now that I've taken a minute to scroll through comments it seems most people are aware of the facts.

  • "White baking chips", not "white chocolate baking chips".
    Says it right there on the package, so where's the issue? If people don't take the time to actually pay attention to what they're buying, how is that the company's fault?

  • On Amazon the product is sold as "Ghirardelli Premium Baking Chips, Classic White Chocolate, 11 oz" but you cannot find a list of ingredients on any views of the package which only has the name "White Chips". Comments at Amazon referring to the ingredients note that there is NO cocoa butter in the chips. Cocoa butter has a flavor and consistency and cooking properties very unlike palm oil which is what these chips are made from. What Ghirardelli should do is re-label their product to read as "Palm Oil Chips Being Passed Off as White Chocolate" instead of playing sly with their name and its association with real chocolate.

  • Great. I am a Bay Area resident and a baker of the best white chocolate/macademia nut cookies in existence. There is no ego in this statement, it simply is the truth. That said, I'm pissed because I usually spring for what I perceive as the "best" white chips. The hell with these fakers, and I now have to relinquish my crown because of their fakery. They owe ME some bank.

  • I can't wait till they crack down on all the preservatives, fillers, and chemicals in our food at this rate none of us will need embalming fluid😩

  • I appreciate all attention that is paid to how much our food is not food anymore and how much we are expected to eat things that are not what they are sold to us to be. Colorful food should mean that there is a lot of healthy vitamins in there and that's not what colorful food means anymore. Corporations are paying big bucks to be able to call things that are less and less foodie food. Why, to make more money not to nourish us more. We should read labels more and see how cheated we all are when we buy certain things at the grocery store.

  • Get over it. Most processed foods are processed in a lab. Read the label people.
    This lawyer is one of those 1 800 schmucks looking for anything to make a buck. Greedy little crook.
    Anyone read the label on margarine? Not even edible….

  • Anyone who consumes REAL Chocolate knows that most of the choc
    On market is mixed with
    Preservatives , flavored choc, its all fake . And then people wanna act like they dont know this FOOD isnt real . Read labels, before purchasing!!

  • All of these companies should be fined and jailed for there lies, corruption and Greed. Each time you look candy bars and cupcakes are getting smaller and the price of them are getting higher. That's how corrupted and bad capitalism have gotten here in the United States…

  • JUST Another USA Company, That Evil ISRAEL- HELL is Taking Down, To Destroy The United STATES ! ITs been happening ever since the end of WW2, and Zionist Jews got DUEL CITIZENSHIP, and They been Controlling everything ever since. Little by little they been taking business out. Year after year, and here we are folks, Were Screwed! The USA has sold us out to Israel! They know what’s going on. We been seriously betrayed!

  • Come on, y'all . . . Class action lawsuits are an extremely important tool. Can we please reserve their use for cases in which there is real harm done?

  • Were the accurate ingredients listed on the back? Customer responsibility to look at the list of ingredients. If they lied in the ingredients list then they deserve the suit.