Growing Theobroma Cacao Trees – Dwarfing to harvest the plants Cocoa chocolate Beans in Australia

We’ve got some freshly picked cacao pods
to show you so these are different colour obviously one’s yellow and one’s red but
they’re from the same species of cacao so they actually just come off different
trees and some produce yellow pods and some produces beautiful rich reddy
orange pod and they’re quite large as you can see they’re actually
quite heavy so this is what fresh chocolate looks like when it’s picked by
hand off the tree and if you have a look at the tree behind me you can see
there’s actually pods hanging on the tree so we’ve got one here that you can
see and these are all hand-picked so there’s no commercial way of growing and
harvesting chocolate it all has to be cut off by hand so that you don’t damage
the pod in the process the tiny little flowers that are produced along the
wooden bark here’s a little bud here and these are actually pollinated by midges so it’s a tiny little flower and they’re tiny insects that pollinate
it and then produce these massive pods so really beautiful to look at and
they’re quite hard and woody when they’re freshly picked like this and
obviously a really gorgeous object we get our pods look for the stem end
cut in the middle pull that bottom piece off and the seeds hang there from that
central placenta then pull our seeds off by hand put them into the fermenting box
where they sit down ferment for that five to seven days where over that period all that
white mucilage will ferment or liquify and leave us with the wet bean that goes off to get
dried So Gerrard’s just shown us how to open the pod and you’ve basically cut
around the middle and then pull the bottom off and it just slides off to
access the beans inside so if you want to grow cacao the first thing is that
you need to be in a tropical climate and as you can see this trees are actually
kept really small so the other thing because they’re hand-picked you actually
need to prune your trees back so the top of these trees are cut off every year and
that keeps them small so that all the fruit are within reach and they can be
easily harvested but you do need to be north of 18 degrees in order to grow
cacao they will not grow in a cold climate this strictly tropical so if you
are in the tropics it’s definitely worth planting a cacao and you could harvest
your own beautiful pods and if you’re brave enough you could have a go at
making your own chocolate so traditionally chocolate is grown
overseas in tropical countries and it’s grown in poor countries and often their
work place is exploited so Australian chocolate is really rare and we’re here
at Sweet Farm in Mossman which is where they’re growing Australian chocolate to
produce a local produce at daintree chocolate so it’s really fabulous to get
this ethical fair trade product so buy a local product buy
an Australian product and support your local farmers so this is Daintree

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