How to Bake Christmas Gingerbread Cookies | LOW SUGAR RECIPE

Welcome back to my channel my name is
Sylvia since Christmas is just around the corner I’m going to show you how to make
gingerbread cookies for your family and friends I will share this lovely recipe
in the description below and without further ado let’s get baking. Before we
start here’s a list of ingredients that you will need to make the gingerbread
cookies first of all you will need 1 cup of light brown sugar 1 cup of softened
and unsalted butter 1 cup of treacle 2 large eggs 5 cups of sifted
all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon of salt 2 teaspoons of
ginger 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 of teaspoon of allspice half a teaspoon of
cloves last but not least carpet a spoon of nutmeg firstly mix the butter and
sugar on medium speed until light and fluffy Next add the treacle and mix until well
combined then at the eggs one at a time scraping
the bowl in between each egg so this is how the batter look like
right now I will be adding the flour in and gently fold it. I’m mixing it all the rest
of the dry ingredients Now I’m just mixing it. Don’t your rush into it just take your time and do it All right so I think the dough is ready, I’m just going to stop this. I will lay some cling wrap here. It’s a bit heavy. Let’s get this baby out. Right now I am gently flattening the
dough and wrapping them in cling wrap so that they do not dry out while being
chilled in the fridge Here are the doughs that has been
cling wrapped and they are now ready to be refrigerated for at least one hour this
is to ensure that when I do cut them out with the cookie cutter they stay in
shape all right I’ll put this in the fridge and I’ll be back Welcome back, so here’s my cookie dough it is set in
the refrigerator for at least an hour A good tip to roll a cookie dough would be
using a pair of chopsticks. This would help you gauge the thickness of the cookie so I would place them about side by side then you use the rolling people and gently
roll them over all right I’m gonna do that now so I’m just putting a bit of
flour on top of the dough because this is gingerbread cookie dough it’s a bit
stickier than a normal like say butter cookie. So here I have three cookie cutters. I
have a Christmas tree, the Gingerbread man and the snowflake. I’m just going to use this one, If you find your dough is a bit hard to
work with, maybe because it’s a bit too soft you can always put it back in the fridge
and let it sit there for maybe another half an hour Now I’m just rolling the
additional dough and I’m gonna make more of the gingerbread cookies. So now I’m done cutting out the cookies
we are going to put this in the freezer maybe half an hour or fifteen minutes,
we’ll see and then I’ll put them in the oven. Let’s go. Here are the cookies that we have cut Now I’m gonna place them in the oven
to be baked for about 20 minutes. Let’s just do that. I have another tray. So I will put that in as well. I have set the function of my oven with the fan force mode on, at 170
degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes All right, now the cookies are ready, I just turn off my oven. It’s really really really really
really super duper hot I have taken out the cookies from the
oven I will let them cool completely and decorate them tomorrow with some icing
sugar I’ll see you guys then. Oh my goodness look how cute they are. Hi, we are back and today I will be decorating the gingerbread cookies so
here are lists of ingredients that you will need you will need 1 large egg
white and 1 and 1/2 cup of icing sugar. Let’s begin. So here’s the icing sugar. It is a bit
thick right now but I will mix this with couple drops of water and put coloring
and then we are ready to decorate the gingerbread cookies are you ready? Yeah!
Yeah let’s go! So with the main icing sugar we have
separated them into a couple bowls. We are going to mix this with pink, green and red. Then, once we do that, we are ready to decorate the gingerbread cookies. Are you guys ready? Yeah! Pink! We need to make the pink! I will just put a couple drops. Like one drop or two drops? Let’s just see. Do you want me to put it here? Then it’s time for green. Green is a nice colour. Is that a nice colour? Swirl it a bit more. It looks like Teal. I like this green better How’s your mixing Harvey? I’m getting all the white bits, look at mine. Let’s see what does it turn like. And that’s dark red? Mum, it look like it need some more. Mum, it look like it need some more. I think this is ready. We have the red here. The green. The pink. And yes, let’s get decorating. If you don’t have a proper piping bag you
can use a ziploc bag and cut a small hole at the corner when you’re ready to
decorate. So this is a tree that’s green and I really like it and Iron Man and this snowflake and this snowflake. This is a weird, bloody guy. And this is a Christmas tree dried up and this is a little snowflake. All right, I have now finished decorating
my gingerbread cookies these are the final results, here is a gingerbread girl
with a hair bow at the top and then we also have some gingerbread boy with
three cute little star buttons and then we have a few of the Christmas tree
design that I’ve created I couldn’t decide which one I like so I just
played around with it and this is one of the design that I’ve created and this is
my favorite design and you know why because it is pink. This is some of the tree designs Its a lot simpler. I just use a couple of lines and dots, anyone could do that. And then here we have the snowflakes we have to
design I couldn’t decide which one I want to go with but I think I like this
one better so I might eat all of those up. Hmm, It’s really nice I really really like this recipe because I kind of tweaked it so
it doesn’t have that much spice I would decorate them with icing sugar so I
reduce the actual sugar in the cookie dough that’s why when you decorate it, it
complements each other so yeah that’s why I liked it a lot better this way. This last tray of cookies were created by my kids. Look at this cute little
star created by Harvey, it’s so cute I’m so proud of him and this one is created
by Dwayne, my eldest son, he watches and play a lot of gory kind of game so I
guess he’s kind of inspired to create a very bloody gingerbread man but yeah I
hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you like this video hit the like button
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