How to make 4 ingredients dark chocolate spread in 4 minutes! Raw, Gluten-Free, Tasty

hello and welcome to my channel today
I’m going to make dark chocolate spread by using only four ingredients yeah only
four ingredients and no cooking at all mm-hmm
so let’s get started first you need 50 grams of cacao powder which gives it
that rich chocolate flavor you add two tablespoons of honey if you want to up
the level of sweetness you can simply add one more tablespoon of honey that’s
all up to you next you add two tablespoons of tahini which is ground
sesame seeds yeah after adding the tahini
start stirring up and now it’s time to add the milk you
have a hundred milliliters of milk which you need to add little by little and
keep whisking it’s going to take you roughly about four minutes yeah all you
need to do is keep whisking until you get that nice glossy and smooth texture you are nearly there now you can see
that nice and smooth texture that’s what exactly we want to get I think I’m
done now yay it looks beautiful doesn’t it. your dark
chocolate spread is now ready I hope you guys gonna like it and thank you for

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