How-to make CHOCOLATE CAKE  Ann Reardon How To Cook That

How-to make CHOCOLATE CAKE Ann Reardon How To Cook That

Welcome to, I’m Ann Reardon. This week we are going to make a chocolate
cake but it is a little bit different because we are participating in a chocolate cake challenge
with Byron Talbott who is a young chef from America who also has a YouTube channel. So I’ll link to his version, he’ll also make
a chocolate cake and put his individual spin on it and you can bake both of them and taste
them and see which one you like the best and let me know in the comments below. To start with we are going to make our chocolate
ganache, which is going to go on the top of the cake. We are making it first so that it has a chance
to firm up. So to make it all you do is place the chocolate
in a bowl and then boil up some cream and pour the boiling cream over the chocolate. You will leave it to sit for a couple of minutes
and then stir it and you’ve got ganache. Just leave it to one side on the bench top
to firm up. Next we are going to make our cake. For the cake I use dark chocolate with 70%
cocoa solids. The reason I like to use the dark chocolate
is because then once it’s diluted through the rest of the ingredients you still get
that rich, chocolaty, beautiful flavor. Break up the chocolate, put it into a bowl
and then add your butter and microwave it using 30 second bursts until it’s melted. For all the quantities you’ll need for this
recipe just click on the link in the description below this video to go to the website. Add in the sugar and stir that through and
then pour in the eggs and whisk until it’s smooth. Next add your flour, and your cocoa powder
and your baking powder and whisk them through. And it’s going to be a really runny mixture,
that’s how it’s supposed to be, so don’t worry about that. Cut out two circles of baking paper and then
grease and line two 20 cm or 8-inch baking tins. Pour half of your chocolate cake mixture into
each tin and then bake them in the oven at about 160 degrees centigrade until they’re
done which will take about 20 minutes. Once they’re done take them out of the oven
and immediately run a knife around the outside of the cake and then hold onto the tin using
two hands give and it a quick shake up and down to loosen it from the base of the tin. And then turn it and do that again and repeat
that the whole way around to make sure it’s loosened from the tin and then just leave
it to cool in the tin. While you are waiting for that to cool, pour
some flaked almonds onto a baking tray and roughly chop some pistachio nuts just to reveal
that beautiful green color of the pistachios. And we are going to put these on the side
of the cake. Now if you’ve got nut allergies or you’re
serving it to someone who has an allergy then you can use chocolate flakes instead on the
side of your cake. Cook them in the oven at 180 degrees centigrade
for about five minutes. Once your cakes are cooled flip them over
into your hand and take them out of the tin and then peel the baking paper off the bottom. Then using a serrated knife we are going trim
off the top of each of the cakes to make them completely level and flat. Then using a knife cut each of your cakes
into two even layers so you’ll end up with four layers all together on our finished cake. Then we are going to take 600 ml of heavy
cream and add some vanilla essence and a couple of spoons of icing sugar and whisk that with
electric mixers until it’s thick. Place your bottom layer of cake onto your
cake stand or your plate. And I like to put a small dollop of cream
under the first level just to stop it slipping. Divide your cream into half and then split
one-half of it into three portions, just so you know roughly how much cream to use for
each section. Take one of the smaller portions and put it
onto your cake and spread it out using a spoon almost to the edges so that when you put the
next layer on top the cream doesn’t bulge out too much. Repeat that with the remaining layers, finishing
on the top layer with one of the bottom pieces of cake but facing the base side up so that
you’ve got a completely flat surface. At this point, you can stop here, just melt
your ganache and pour it over the top of your cake but if you want something that looks
a bit more formal, go ahead and take a spoon full of your ganache and add it to your remaining
cream and mix it until it’s combined. It doesn’t matter if there is still a few
flecks of ganache still in there and then roughly cover all the sides of your cake in
the cream-ganache mixture. And you can either use the edge of your palate
knife or you can use a straight knife to smooth it out and then level off any excess that
is up at the top of the cake. Dampen some paper towel and use that to clean
off the edges of your plate or your cake platter completely. And then take a hand full of the almonds,
there is no neat way of doing this, just take a handful of your almonds and pistachios and
press them onto the side of the cake, starting with the top and then pushing them on as they
fall down. And then you’re going to end up with excess
nuts down the bottom of the cake platter, just brush those off back into your bowl and
keep reapplying until you’ve got a cover of nuts on the side of the cake. Next to decorate the top what we are going
to do is put all of your ganache into a Ziploc bag and then push it into one corner and twist
it at the tip so when you are squeezing on it it doesn’t come back out the top of the
bag, and use your scissors to cut off the corner of the bag. Starting at one side, pipe a dollop of ganache,
doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, all the way around the edge of your cake. Then take a teaspoon and kind of squash it
and pull it into the center of the cake for each of those dollops all the way around. Next grab your piping bag and make another
circle of ganache about an inch in from the edge and then repeat what you did before with
the teaspoon dragging it into the middle. Then you are going to make one final smaller
circle and put one dollop right in the middle. And that looks beautiful just like that but
if you want to dress it up a bit more than why not put a white chocolate rose on top. I’ll link at the end of this video to the
video that shows you how to make the chocolate flowers. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to check out Byron’s chocolate
cake as well and let me know in the comments which one you like the taste of best when
you’ve baked them. And thank you to everyone who’s subscribed,
I really appreciate it. Enjoy!

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