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where you’ll find step by step instructions for recipes ranging from kids’ birthday cake
decoration through to chicken noodle soup and easy family dinners. For a printable copy
of the recipes simply go to Today we are going to look at how to make
raspberry and white chocolate cake pops. Now you’ve rolled your cake pops into nice balls,
what you do is melt a little bit of chocolate, tiny bit in the bottom of a bowl. Then grab
your stick, swirl your stick in the chocolate, and then put the stick into, not all the way
through, but about two thirds of the way through into your cake pop. And then you allow that
chocolate to set, and that acts as glue holding the cake ball to the stick so that then when
you dip it into the chocolate later, it doesn’t fall off. Get one of your cake pops, dip it in, and
make sure you don’t stir it round and round, because the cake pop will fall off. Just tilt
it from side to side to make sure it’s fully enclosed and fully covered. Gently lift it
up, hold it like this, and just tap to let the excess chocolate drip off. Once you’re
happy that it’s stopped dripping, and then pop it in your stand. This is just a piece
of wood with holes drilled in it. Decorating cake pops is limited only to your
imagination. You can add things like your silver balls individually on top if you want
to put them in a specific place, and don’t just want to dip it in, as the balls are quite
pricey. You can pipe on patterns; just a swirl is an easy one, swirl your cake pop around
while you’re holding the piping bag. You can of course do that in dark chocolate as well.
The other thing that looks quite nice is just a sort of filigree sort of pattern over the
cake pop. Just make it up as you go along. Little swirls. The other thing which can look good is just
some little dots all over the cake pop. For weddings it’s also nice to pop some hearts
all over the cake pop. I like it white on white, because it looks quite classy; but
you can of course do your dark chocolate if you want to contrast. If you need a recipe for the actual cake bit
of the cake pops, just go to; there’s a recipe there for chocolate ones
and raspberry and white chocolate ones as well.

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