Is White Chocolate REALLY Chocolate?

Everybody loves chocolates, and we know
that there are several types of chocolates: milk chocolate, dark chocolate,
sweet dark chocolate, white chocolate. Mmm wait,
why white chocolate is white? And is it really a chocolate? Chocolate is a range of products made
with chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa solids, among other ingredients. Depending on the proportions of the cocoa,
there are several types of chocolate. White chocolate is missing two of the key ingredients,
namely chocolate liquor and cocoa solids,
which are the primary flavorful
cocoa ingredients in any type of real chocolate. White chocolate in many places does contain cocoa
butter which is a type of yellowish-white vegetable fat, but other vegetable oils are often substituted.  However, since 2004 in the United States
thanks to the Food and Drug Administration, in order for a product to be called “white chocolate”,
it has to contain at least 20% cocoa butter. When not officially “chocolate,” many manufacturers,
especially of mass-market white chocolate, used vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter,
and the taste difference is significant. Some people who say they do not like white
chocolate may never have tasted the real thing. Real white chocolate is rich and creamy and tastes like chocolate. In addition to the minimum 20% cocoa butter,
to be called white chocolate, the product must have a minimum of 15% milk
powder and a maximum of 55% sweetener. The American standard was later adopted by the European Union, except the limit on sugar or sweeteners. One way you can tell if the white chocolate
you’re eating adheres to these guidelines is that high quality white chocolate with cocoa butter has an ivory color. If it is pure white in color, it means instead of cocoa butter, vegetable oil or some other fat was used. But, in the end despite the new firm requirement
of cocoa butter in America and the European Union, most still don’t consider white chocolate a true chocolate. In order for something to officially be a
“chocolate” in many parts of the world, , the product must contain chocolate liquor –
the thick liquid produced when fermented, dried, and roasted cocoa beans are shelled and then ground. It also should have cocoa solids. White chocolate
does not contain either of these things. So, what type of chocolate is your favorite? Leave a comment below and as always, thanks for watching.

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