Keto Chocolate Brands

Keto Chocolate Brands

Today I have a short and sweet video for
you, talking about my favorite go-to low carb keto chocolate brands and we’re
getting straight into it and starting with Lindt 85 and 90 percent, you’ll find
the lower the sugar the lower carb content, you can use it in hot chocolates,
in baking, you can enjoy a square or two initially when I first started keto I
found 70% too dark for me but as I’ve got into it and become fat adapted
I can tolerate 85 and even 90%, so start with a small amount and you only
kind of have a row or two I’ll have maybe maximum a row or two a day, usually with hot chocolate, and I might add a bit of stevia to sweeten it as well but
definitely 85 and 90% are excellent go to’s and I’m here in Australia I found
these in supermarkets I found them on Amazon, so I look forward to when I move to Ireland, getting on Amazon, if you’re in America you could definitely get this in
bulk on Amazon and always have some chocolate to hand and I’ll move these
aside and we’ll get the next one this is ALDI 85% block and what I actually, here I’ll open it to show you this is so awesome, it comes in little prepackaged little pieces so you’ve got portion control one of those
85% is just a perfect low carb high fat definitely low sugar keto friendly treat,
I can’t get the words out it’s just good chocolate it’s just really good
chocolate! Okay, move it aside and our third and final brand that I like to go
for it’s called pana chocolate, now this is an Australian brand I believe they do
have some distributors internationally, I’ll leave a link down below to their
website and it’s not sponsored by them but as you can see one’s open already
they’ve got a lovely orange one and they’ve got a fig flavor, here I’ve got mint, raw cacao and nuts and there’s loads of different ones that you
can get your hands on but they’re definitely low sugar and low carb and
just a really good option when you’re looking for something sweet, a sweet
treat and so that is the video for today let’s bring all the chocolates back, we’ve got out lindt, ALDI, everything and make sure that you leave a like and
subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this and leave a comment let
me know what’s your go-to low-carb chocolate brand I look forward to
reading your comments and we’ll see you again soon bye!

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11 thoughts on “Keto Chocolate Brands”

  • I have always loved Lindt. The 85% is plenty sweet enough. I migrated from the 70% earlier this year. Greens & Black’s Organic 85% is my current favorite. Worth giving it a try.

  • I am huge fan of Lindt brand have u tried orange flavor in Lindt it's very yummy ☺️
    Thanks for sharing different brands I will try other brands also 😄 Have a Happy Day ☺️

  • I get the Moser Roth at Aldi here in the U.S. I used to be such a milk chocolate hound so I was shocked that I grew to love it. Now, I even love dark chocolate documentaries and photographs too though. I sense a problem may be creeping in.🙀Anyway, 👍🏼for lovely and healthy in sensible doses dark chocolate.

  • Coles now sells 99% lindt but a bit expensive. 90% is my current goto chocolate. You don't just eat high cocoa chocolate. And you don't eat a whole lot either. I always break half a block or so into very small pieces and consume with coffee, blueberries and cheese.