Lord Sugar WRECKS the apprentices with facts and logic – BBC

Good morning. ALL: Good morning, Lord Sugar. This task was all about
negotiation… 59 euros, please. Would you do it for 58.99? LORD SUGAR: ..logistics… Have you already got it?
Cos we’re right outside the shop. ON PHONE: We’re ready. LORD SUGAR:
..and identification of the products. We’re not looking for an actual
octopus, are we? FLAT NOTE PLAYS LORD SUGAR: I think I’ll start
with the ladies first. There was a real impatience
in the team in wanting to sit down and plan. An assault place on a market.
Much closer to where we are. We’re wasting time. – You lost control then, did you?
– I didn’t lose control, but I felt forced to split the team.
It was impossible. This is a classic example of the
blind leading the blind. I’ve got your CV here. ‘Communication and pitching
I will do well.’ – Absolutely.
– He sort of fell apart. – Um…
– Forgetting my name. Um… I believe that we had an out-of-date
product. That comic… The other team got orders. – Gentlemen, now, Frank…
– Yes, Lord Sugar. ..you are the project manager. Yeah. So I wanted to put
myself forward because I have some creative skills. David also put his hat in the ring. He has experience writing stories. In order to get inspiration,
you actually playacted with Frank? FABRIC RIPS Can you not see it? We ended up with you splitting
your trousers. You must have shown your parts
there also, I think. Um… Who was doing the massaging? – Us, the sub team.
– Kurran, with one hand, you didn’t fancy challenging anyone
to an arm wrestle up there, then? – No, I stayed clear of any of that.
– Oh, right. Did you sell any of these things? Mate, do you want to buy
a back-massager? Kurran is looking very lost. Not those, no. I’m just trying to find out
what you did, really, because even with this task,
you could have still done quite a lot – in driving people into your stand.
– Yeah. And I certainly tried
my absolute best. WOMAN: Very lost. LORD SUGAR: Yeah. The story was written by your lot,
right? That’s correct, yeah. I get more original ideas off my
photocopier, to be honest with you. Are you placing the blame
on David, then, for the bad story? I think the pitching was terrible. You said, ‘Let me tell you
the negative points.’ – That was your exact words.
– No, it wasn’t. It was. It was. A couple of negative points… HE SIGHS David, you go into a pitch, you read out the negative parts
of your own product, you’ve got no business acumen, and for that reason, David… We are going to pull something
fantastic together, I really feel it. ..you’re fired. So, talk me through what you did. So, we needed to decide on
a concept, so right from the outset I wanted
something that was educational. From what I understand from
Karren, you carried on like Kim Jong-un or Putin. – You…
– It’s too educational. OK, that’s enough. How about you
just do what I’ve just asked you? You led it with an iron fist. I mean, you know,
you were making a comic here, you weren’t invading Poland. We had a really bad first task, and I felt that everybody needed to
be pulled in, and ultimately, you know, I think we
worked really well together following that. Working with Khadija was one of
the worst experiences. OK. So now we’ve got to get on
to the story team. Yeah. So it was myself, Sarah
and Sabrina. We picked the setting to be
France, or…well, Paris, for our first edition because, to be honest, it’s the only
language that I knew at least a couple of words from. We don’t know that many
French words. Well, the grammar is wrong in
a lot of cases here. – We did. That was…
– You’ve missed a dot out here for MC, for example. As far as I’m concerned,
MC doesn’t need any dots. Yeah.
‘Ça va’ is not spelled like that. So this is an educational thing of
what not to do. The sub team, your team, you set
off to the craft village – and you found the boat.
– Yes. It started off at 110 euros, so I just went in and said 75, – and then I looked around…
– I heard a different story, actually. Claude tells me that you were
hijacking the negotiation, really. Whoever gets in first does it. – I just went in…
– Look, guys… You. – Was it me, that?
– It was you. OK. Well… But how do you know…? So this task was all about making
these high-quality doughnuts that people would pay quite a lot of
money for, OK? And that was what this task
was all about. – They don’t look very appetising.
– They look really funny. So, who wants to talk to me first? – I don’t mind.
– Sure? – Yeah.
– OK. What’s the name of your team? Collaborative. You didn’t even know yourself,
did you? – I was mainly focusing on the task.
– Collaborative? Sounds like a kibbutz, Claude. FLAT NOTE PLAYS OK. Now, you go back to the
kitchen and you start making them,
is that right? I don’t know much about cooking
but I know to place people in good positions
and have a good system. You got a bit upset, didn’t you,
Frank, in the kitchen? No, I didn’t. I definitely didn’t. No, can you just get on
and let me do it? Sometimes you can get a bit
emotional. Anyway, you go back to the
corporate customer, and what happens there? She wasn’t too happy with the
shape of the bees, so she only went with 17. So that was a bit of a hit. HE EXHALES What did you do with the rest? Oh, that’s bloody lovely, that is. We sold all of them, yeah. LORD SUGAR: Hmm. Well, OK. I asked you to brand…
make an advertising campaign for a budget airline, – so what did you do?
– Shall we start with the name? Welcome aboard Pop Jet. – Jet Pop! Jet Pop!
– She said ‘Pop Jet’. Yeah. – So we landed on Jet Pop.
– LORD SUGAR: Jet Pop? No, so it’s more, like, you know in
comics and things, where there’s, like, an excitement
and there’d be an explosion of fun. The strapline should have said
‘probably won’t blow up’! Hmm. FLAT NOTE PLAYS OK. Now let’s get on to the pitch
here, shall we? Who actually led the pitch? – I opened. I started.
– Kayode opened, yeah. I heard that there was
a lot of laughter. The laughing came from…
mainly when Kayode was speaking. I think there was a struggle
answering some of the questions. Yeah. I did try to definitely put
across the points I needed to make. But, Kurran, I think you’ve got
to admit that I’ve given you
a good opportunity. I wish you a lot of luck for the future
but… I’m stepping up.
100% I’m stepping up. ..you’re fired. This was a very interesting task, where you had to go on
a live television selling channel. There was not just the skills of the
presenters, who are upfront… – Oh, shit.
– Your mic is live! LORD SUGAR: ..but also skills
behind the scenes. The quality’s really bad.
It’s just poor. So I’m going to start with Tom. – Yes.
– You put yourself forward. I was surprised about this
when I saw that Jackie wasn’t actually
presenting. I thought it’s about time people saw
that I’m also strong at pitching. Khadija looked like she was in pain
half the time. Look at this. It’s… Well… So… ..s-s-s-s… I mean, what’s she doing in this
boardroom? She ended up being disruptive,
wasting time. I became disruptive at one point,
bit it was just a disagreement and it will never ever happen again. So why did it happen in our
post-boardroom discussion? THEY TALK OVER EACH OTHER Look at you. Look at you! Well, this task was to design
a shoe targeted at the ladies’ market. – Would you buy this shoe?
– No. – No?
– No. – So, whose idea was the bow?
– I think that was my idea. The idea behind that is that it’s
interchangeable. Yes. So I think that’s one of our key
USPs in this task – customisable is definitely all the
rage at the moment. Sabrina, Tom and Khadija, the first
time you saw that shoe, what did you think? It kind of looks like something I’d
give to a four-year-old girl. FLAT NOTE PLAYS OK, so let’s get on to day two,
shall we? Jackie was quite adamant that she
would be good in the mobile team. I asked Jackie and Khadija if they
could work professionally together, and they both assured me
they could. – Just so rude!
– Why are you still talking? You work well together,
then, you two? We did… Like matches and petrol,
it sounds like to me. Did they do enough for you,
as far as you’re concerned, – on the mobile stuff?
– Absolutely not. I was extremely disappointed.
When I called them at four o’clock, they hadn’t even completed
a single job. – Oh, shit.
– Lift from the bottom. It was difficult, to be honest, especially the lady
with the courtyard. We couldn’t do the jet washing
because she had no outdoor tap. KARREN: You made a mess there,
didn’t you? LORD SUGAR:
Ended up a load of mud. Made it ten times worse. LORD SUGAR: All right. Anyway, Kayode, you put yourself
forward as the project manager. By the end of that phone call, you
knew what your products were? Absolutely. We knew what all
our nine items were. So we’re after an octopus
with a 40-inch hose. Did you know what the
octopus was? We didn’t understand exactly what
the 40-inch hose referred to, – but we found that out later on.
– Did you? Are you saying ‘nose’ or ‘hose’?
Is she saying ‘hole’? We didn’t actually get
that confirmed. An octopus with a 40-inch hose, it’s a piece of diving equipment,
OK? It’s something to help people
breathe under water. But you bought an actual real, live
octopus, right? Well, it was dead. OTHERS LAUGH I think we’ve debated this enough. I have to make a decision
based upon who I believe has got the
capability of progressing in this process. And so… ..Sarah… I’m not getting fired today. ..you’re fired. Off you go. MUSIC: Apprentice Theme Plays

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