OMG it’s a COOKIE JAR CAKE!! Chocolate chip cake & COOKIE FILLING!

What’s up everybody! Today we’re going to be making a Cookie jar cake Super excited for this one My name is Laurie And you guys are watching the Icing Artist To make this cake I used two batches of my vanilla pound cake and I stirred in one cup of chocolate chips. Not only is this cake going to look like a cookie jar on the outside but it’s gonna taste like a chocolate chip cookie on the inside too. Once I have that all folded into my vanilla cake batter I slid that between two eight inch cake pans Now that our cakes are nice and cooled It is time to make that delicious cookie buttercream icing. I am am am literally taking chocolate chip cookies chopping them all up nice and fine, and folding that into my buttercream icing, layer that in between. It’s gonna be delicious. So we’re gonna do, like, you know Layer cake, some of that delicious cookie buttercream icing, and then another layer of cake. To support the weight of the second half of the cake I’m going to be using four dowels I’m gonna insert that into the bottom one and then put a cake plate on top. I know you guys are probably wondering, Why put um, you know Wood and cardboard, inside a cake? It’s completely food-grade, guys Completely fine, it’s to stop your cake from collapsing in on itself If you guys don’t do that, you might end up with a pile of cake. Not good. More delicious layers of deliciousness. I’m gonna then cut an angle at the top edge of my cookie jar just to add a little bit of, you know, shape to the cookie jar. I’m going to then, crumb coat my cake using my vanilla buttercream icing. Cover the entire cake and lock in all of those crumbs. Yes, I did not put cookies into the stuff I was using to crumb coat it ‘Cause otherwise it would be chunky and kind of, defeat the whole purpose of a crumb coat. Have you guys subscribed to the Icing Artist yet? ‘Cause if not, you better hit that subscribe button down below Because we put out new videos every *ding* single week and you’re not gonna wanna miss them! Now because I want my cookie jar to have depth as if, you know, hollow and full of chocolate chip cookies, I cut out a black circle out of fondant And placed that right on top of the cookie jar I decided to dye my fondant light blue, but I didn’t just do sky blue, I mixed in a little bit of ivory and it turned out to be just a gorgeous colour. I then very delicately picked up my rolling pin and twisted that around my cake. This was literally like an impossible task like should I pick it up, shouldn’t I pick it up, this isn’t gonna work I-I-I don’t know how to put this, put this on my cake But as soon as I got it twisted, it seemed really rough It was a horrible disaster, but it worked out! Even though it felt like impossible to do and was kind of a mess when I was trying to put it on the cake, it actually looked perfect when I was done. So you bakers, at home, who were struggling putting, putting on that big fondant on your cake, you’re not alone. You know, you know, we-we-we-we, we have problems too. If you guys wanna get notified when we go live, which actually happens to be every single week, decorating a different kind of cake, and get early access to videos and a whole bunch of other stuff, don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list! I will leave a link in the description box below, so don’t forget to check that out! Sign out. I need a name for you guys. If you guys have a really good name for what I should refer to you guys, I would love for you guys to leave that in the comment section below, because we are gonna pick one, and that’s, that’s what we’re gonna call you. I will also leave a full reg up here if *ding* you want to choose one of the previously chosen names. For the top trim of my cookie jar, I want this to be nice and thick and have square edges, so I rolled out my fondant, and I used this like multi-pizza fondant-cutting tool. Link in the description where you guys can find it. And I just went all the way along there and cut my fondant. I then added a little bit of water on that top edge and placed that along, making sure that seam lined up with the other seam that we had already created. Now is time to make the lid for our cookie jar. So I rolled out some white fondant, nice and thick, and placed some saran wrap over top. I then used a cake pan to actually press in and cut out the large circle. Because the saran wrap is on top of the fondant, it’s like magic. I mean

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