Rafaello white chocolate pudding/no bake no cook pudding/easy rafaello pudding recipe in Malayalam

hi dears welcome back to my channel today am preparing raffeollo pudding we can prepare this using less ingredients ingredients needed beated whipping cream melted gelatin or we can use warm melted chinagrass grated white chocolate vanilla essence milkmaid dessicated cocunut add our melted gelatin to the cream pour half tin milkmaid half teaspoon vanillaessence beat well for 1 minute or mix well add our white chocolate into it mix it well transfer to a pudding bowl spread our desicated cocunut and white chocolate mix freeze it for 3 to 4 hours to make our rafello balls add milkmaid to the desicated cocunut mix well and make small balls cover it with the mx our yummy pudding got ready this pudding will be more creamy texture perfect blend of white chocolate and dessicated cocunut mix will be very tasty so hope u like my video pls subscribe to my channel thanks for watching bye

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