Rhubarb And White Chocolate Muffins: Keep Calm And Bake 8

Hi guys. Welcome to Keep Calm and Bake. I
am Andrea, this is Sarah, and we are from peanutbuttered.com. Today we are going to
be making rhubarb and white chocolate muffins. We are going to start by creaming the sugar
and the butter together until it is light and fluffy. OK, so I am going to put this
in. I am going to pour the sugar in. And now we are going to give it a mix. So I am going
to turn it down now. And we are going to add in the eggs and the almonds. So I am going
to add in the buttermilk too. For the full list of ingredients and method just check
the description box below. So in goes the flour. Next is the baking powder. And I will
just measure out one teaspoon of vanilla. We are going to mix it until it is all combined.
So it is all mixed together now, so we can turn this off. Wipe all the mixture down. So next we will
just be folding in our chopped up rhubarb and white chocolate. It is a really good combination
of flavors, the rhubarb and the white chocolate, because the rhubarb is really tart and the
white chocolate is really sweet. Yeah, and I think it is quite unique as well. You do
not really have that many desserts with rhubarb in them. Thank you. That looks perfect. So
we are just going to use a little ice cream scoop to scoop the batter into muffin cases.
So for more recipes like this, hit the subscribe button and do not forget to click the like
button too. OK, perfect. We are just going to sprinkle all of these with some demerara
sugar which will give them a little bit of crunch and make them extra golden on top.
And then we can just pop it in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. So
the muffins are fresh out of the oven. They are a little bit golden brown on top. They
look delicious. They do look delicious. And they are a little bit warm too. So they are
not hot but yeah, just a little bit warm so you can enjoy them. If you have made this
recipe, we would love to see your efforts so please tweet us @peanutbuttered or @videojugfood.
So we are going to enjoy these with a cup of tea. So we will see you next time on Keep
Calm and Bake.

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