Spraying Chocolate Moulds How to create Chocolate Velvet

HOW TO CREATE A CHOCOLATE VELVET EFFECT ON HOLLOW FIGURES AND PASTRIES Let’s talk about the velvet effect. The velvet effect, you can apply either on pastries or on hollow figures, like on these eggs here in this case. In order to do that, you need chocolate: a classic chocolate with three drops. And cocoa butter. It’s a mixture of 60% chocolate and 40% cocoa butter. When this is melted together, we take an airbrush gun, warm. You see, I just took it out of the chocolate melter. It’s really warm, okay? We pour the liquid mixture in it and we’re going to spray the pastries or the hollow figures with it, okay? They need to be frozen, so they need to come out of the freezer at -18°C to get this perfect velvet effect. Before you start, first measure out all the ingredients. This recipe requires about 60% chocolate with three-drop fluidity, and 40% cocoa butter. You can pick any chocolate you like: dark, milk or white. The next step is to melt both ingredients together in the microwave and give them a little stir halfway through to mix them well together and keep the ingredients from burning. Back into the microwave and there you go. Gently mix it until nicely smooth and homogeneous. If the final temperature of the spray gun mixture is around 45°C, it should be ready to go. Best use a fine mesh. Check if it’s clean and pour the mixture through it. Also make sure to pour the mixture into a preheated spray gun immediately. This will keep the cocoa butter from setting, so the mixture won’t block the spray gun. Now, it’s time to take the hollow figures out of the freezer. They’ve been in there for about three minutes at -18°C. It’s important that they are really cold to give the hot spray gun mixture a thermal shock. And it’s exactly this thermal shock that will create a beautiful velvet-like texture. Now place them in the spray booth. If you want to create a perfectly even layer, simply make a smooth upward and downward seesaw motion while spraying a thin layer of chocolate mixture. This might take some practice at first, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it quickly. So, in order to have this nice regular velvet effect, you take the spray gun and you make this beautiful up and down movement. Not too much. If you spray too much, then it might peel off in the end. And now, I’m going to show you the same thing, but with the pastries. Pastries should come straight out of the freezer as well before spraying them. Like I said, it’s the thermal shock between the ice cold pastries and the hot spray gun mixture that produces the velvet effect. And while I’m decorating my pastries, I have left my hollow figures in the fridge at 8°C, so the chocolate can set. That shouldn’t take more than five minutes. If you have some leftover spray gun mix, always keep the spray gun container in a heated cabinet at around 45°C to keep the cocoa butter from setting or keep the coloured mixture in a separate container in the heated cabinet. That way you’ll always have it at your disposal, ready to use.

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