Sugar Sammy : Trudeau or Scheer ?

We’ve got our elections coming up, too. We’ve got the Canadian elections. You guys You guys gonna vote? Yeah? Some of you are like Hmmm… Look, we have three options. Alright. Justin Trudeau. Andrew Scheer. And the communist Indian guy. Don’t vote for the Indian guy. I’m Indian, I’m telling you. We can’t handle power. We’re not good at it. We’re not good at it. All of our tax money is gonna go to that wife. I’m telling you, man. When Indians get money we fucking start bling-blinging, man. Have you ever been to an Indian wedding? Or as Justin Trudeau calls it: Hallowe’en. Have you — Look, most Canadians, I think are on the fence still. Like here’s the thing Canadians aren’t like Americans where we just vote for one party. Most Canadians vote Liberal and Conservative or Liberal and NDP. They flip-flop back and forth. Right? You don’t go from NDP to Conservative unless you’ve won the lottery or Conservative to NDP unless you were smoking crack for the last four years. Like, you don’t go that far, right? Here’s the thing Economically, I’m centre-right. Do you guys know what centre-right is? Ok, it’s like I’ll help the poor but I won’t respect them. Like, here’s your money stupid. And people are like What, you might vote Conservative? I’m like, I might. And they’re like well yeah, but they’re racist. I’ll take a little bit of racism if I can save some taxes and buy myself a pool. My neighbour will be like nice pool, Paki! I’ll be like thanks, stupid! If you have the chance to go see Sugar Sammy he’s hilarious! You won’t regret it. Best show you’ll ever see in your life! So funny. Gotta get there. It was amazing! It was the most I’ve laughed in a long time. We loved it! I’m a long-time fan. This is her first time ever seeing Sugar Sammy. Total convert. It was awesome! We will come again! Yeah!

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