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48 thoughts on “Testing WEIRD Food Hacks | Vegan White Chocolate Popcorn Bowl from Scrumdiddlyumptious”

  • What HACK should I try next? 🌱

  • This looks so good(even if the bowl didn’t really work! Haha)! I have to try this! All your videos are so great! I’m pretty new here, but I’m hooked!

    Your channel is part of why I started my own. I make videos about climate change and living sustainably. If anyone is interested I’d appreciate it if you check it out! 🙂

    Keep making awesome videos!

    Edit: This account is my channel, but here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhiOJQJrXCtVBsRJWEpOFg

  • I’m glad how cheap vegan White choc is here in England. (£1 for a big bar, 40p for buttons & small bars)

  • My guess is that they glued the popcorn into the bowl before inserting the second bowl. Gotta get out that glue gun!! Hey….now there is a hack if someone could invent it…..a chocolate "glue" gun.

  • In reality they probably used a balloon to achieve an authentic chocolate bowl. If they didn't then they did some very intricate method that would take way too long. It's not easy persay but it's 100% easier than what they led to believe was done. You just blow up a balloon, cover the base in white chocolate and then dip in it a bowl of popcorn and cover the chocolate layer and let it dry then cover the popcorn layer in more white chocolate while adding more popcorn as needed and let it dry. Then pop the balloon and bam. Chocolate popcorn bowl.

  • I think it might also be good to line the outer bowl with plastic wrap before adding the popcorn and white chocolate so you could easily take it out once it’s chilled. I can imagine getting it to release from the bowl would be a struggle otherwise

  • Yeah most of these hack videos are generally bullshit. I worked with a producer who used to work for one of them. They told me that they focus on making videos that can be edited quickly & be recycled in other hack video complications for social media.

    Most of the time they skip steps or swap out the hack prop with another prop entirely lol.

  • LISTEN. I make popcorn because it is a quick, easy, mess free snack. I don't care if this hack did work, I'm not about to dirty 2 bowls to make a 3rd bowl to eat my popcorn out of when you know I finish it before the movie starts. POUR YOUR DAMN CHOCOLATE OVER YOUR POPCORN AND CALL IT A DAY. end rant.

  • My guess is they painted a chilled bowl with white chocolate before doing that whole thing with the rest of the popcorn and the chocolate — turning it into a bowl. Who knows.

  • looks delish but why not just spread the popcorn out on parchment paper and then drizzle melted chocolate over it? lol love your vids! xoxo

  • still waiting on "eating at the lowest rated vegan restaurant" video lol! also, i don't know if they opened yet but i heard they are opening a "globally local" restaurant in TO but in case it's not open yet – if you're ever in London and haven't tried it – you should! it started off as a food truck and made the "vegan big mac" and gained lots of popularity before finally opening up their own place. now they have a ton of options and it's quite popular!

  • To answer your question – yes. They do it fake wise. If you have a look at "How do you cook that" youtube, you can see where Ann debunks a lot of what those channels do.

  • no upper body muscle tone, please, stop, bad influence for young people…junk food vegan….I watch this and want to puke….what is your problem?  we all know how to eat junk vegan or not, why not just give a healthier example if you're going to do this at all…what is the point?  junk food vegan food is what the SAD diet is!!! deep fried carbs!!!

  • I'm not sure if it's much of a "hack" if you have to have very specific conditions for each ingredient and it's a whole process to create it. It still looks fun to try it out!

  • I love how you somehow made it look really pretty at the end! This may sound crazy but could you attempt vegan ruby chocolate? I really love ruby chocolate but it’s impossible to find it vegan!

  • Mix the white chocolate with the pop corn then thank handfuls of the mixture and press into your chilled bowel. Then cool in fridge. I may even oil the chilled bowl to help it release better. .

  • I feel like it might be easier if melted chocolate poured over the popcorn and mixed up. then very quickly put in a bowl and then a bowl nestled on top, and put in the fridge for a couple of hours to set up.

  • the weirdest thing about these food hacks is that i never look at them and think "yes, I'd like to spend my Saturday in the kitchen trying this hack'

  • Always love hearing your commentary when hacking a recipe 😂 also never mad about seeing Anthony on the screen 😍🥵

  • IM A NEW SUBBIE 💕🦋🌈🙏 Looking forward to more videos! 🙀😻 I’m also a vegan and just uploaded a Unique Vegan Tips video for anyone transitioning to a plant diet! I’d love it if you’d support me back and check it out!!