White Chocolate and Lemon Truffles

Welcome back to Pastry Maestra! I’m Tereza and today I’m making
white chocolate and lemon truffles. I have to admit that I am not that
crazy about white chocolate. Actually, if you stumble upon me in a
supermarket, my shopping basket will contain … …a significant quantity of various
chocolate bars, from creamy milk chocolate,… …filled with crunchy pecan and caramel
bits, orange or almonds to bitter ones
with high cocoa solids content. However, you won’t be able to find any
white chocolate inside whatsoever – … …in most cases I find white chocolate
to be too sweet and inferior in flavor
when compared to other chocolates. A few years ago I even claimed that white
chocolate, in fact, isn’t a “real chocolate”… …at all since it contains cocoa butter,
milk powder, and sugar, but no cocoa solids! In time, I learned that there are lots of
types of white chocolate but also that … …some manufacturers replace expensive
cocoa butter with cheaper vegetable fats. So, read the labels, folks! Buy some good quality chocolate, so the
flavor, and the texture will be much better! So – what are truffles? Truffles are basically little balls
of ganache, nothing more! If you already know what is ganache than you
know that you can use any kind of chocolate.. ..but if this topic is still uncharted territory for
you, I would suggest that you check my post.. ..and learn all about it, link is
in the description below. If, however, you are already a ganache expert,
stay tuned and learn how to make
white chocolate and lemon truffles! As usual, the recipe is on my site,
the link is down below. To make my white chocolate and lemon
truffles I’ve placed cream into … …a measuring cup, and now I will finely
grate lemon zest into the cream. Then, I’m gonna heat this mixture in
the microwave, and leave it for 15-20
minutes on the counter to infuse. I’ve melted my chocolate in
the microwave on low heat. My lemon zest is infused, and now
I’m gonna strain the cream into my
melted white chocolate. I will add lemon juice, and stir
the mixture until it becomes uniform. Then I’ll add softened butter and
stir until incorporated. I will cover my ganache with plastic foil,
and leave it on the counter for couple of
hours until it becomes pipeable. I’ve placed my ganache into a piping bag
fitted with 12mm (1/2”) round tip, and now
I’m gonna pipe my truffles. If you don’t feel comfortable piping them,
you could use small measuring spoon to
shape your truffles. I will put them in the fridge for
about 30 minutes to set. My truffles are ready for the next and final step. I have washed my hands thoroughly, and now
I will round my truffles between my palms,… …roll them into powdered sugar,
and then enjoy this miraculous sweet
and sour little wonders! Join me!

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