White Chocolate Ganache Recipe in Urdu Hindi | English Subtitled | The Home Maker Baker

White Chocolate Ganache Recipe in Urdu Hindi | English Subtitled | The Home Maker Baker

Hi Friends, Today I’ll be showing a very simple and easy recipe It is a fondant replacement which you can use to which you can use to cover and layer your cake as I have done in this cake, which is not fondant covered instead, its ganache covered. Its a very quick recipe and you only need 2 ingredients for it Before we start the recipe, please subscribe to my channel as it means a lot to me and press the bell notification, so that you get my recipes as soon as they are uploaded So here I have 2 ingredients, a heavy whipping cream(about 100ml) and I have got white chocolate here I am taking about 300 grams of white chocolate I have used 3:1 here if you want to cover the cakes and give them a neat and clean fondant look you will need to make a 3:1 ganache So first, I put the cream in a microwave safe jar and I will microwave it to a point where it is steamy but not yet on boiling point If you want, you can do it on stove too So here the cream is steamy and hot Now I will pour this cream on top of chocolate The white chocolate I’m using has big solid chunks so its not melting that easily If your chocolate is also not melting that easily, you should microwave it but make sure you microwave it in small bursts of 10 seconds so you microwave it for 10 seconds, then take it out, then microwave it for further 10 seconds That way, I microwaved it for 40 seconds(in four 10 seconds burst) the reason we microwave in small burst is that white chocolate can easily get burnt Now just mix it up well to the point where the ganache is uniform and contains no lumps Now you must be thinking how can we make fondant using this weird yellow mixture All you have to do is that as soon as the ganache becomes smooth you have to put it in fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour When you will take it out from fridge afterwards, its consistency will be much thicker Here you can see how runny it is, but after putting it in fridge, it will be way more thick just make sure that it contains no lumps so now lets keep it in fridge You can see that after putting it in fridge for 30 minutes, how nicely thick it is its color is also not as yellowish as it was before and now we are gonna make it more fluffy, thick and spreadable by whipping it I will whip it in my stand mixer you can do it in a hand mixer too or a beater After its whipped, we will frost and layer it on the cake the same way we did in one of my other video using a butter knife I am sharing the recipe link in my description do watch it as you will be able to easily give it a fondant look and I personally like its taste better than fondant If you want to give it a pale yellow or ivory color you don’t need to add any color in it but if you want it to be white you will have to put either a white food color or a blue or purple color because the blue and purple color cancel out the yellow warm tones and it becomes neutral but don’t put too much just enough that you can put it on the tip of a spoon, toothpick or a skewer and dip it in the white chocolate ganache Otherwise, if you put too much color, the ganache will form a purple or blue tone instead of white so just make sure that you use it in a small quantity Now it will be whipped completely and it is ideal for frosting cakes for frosting cup cakes It is also very sustainable in extreme temperatures. and see how fluffy it is so make it and try it out, layer your cakes and cupcakes with it. it forms a very smooth texture and its flavor profile is also very good as compared to fondant A lot of people have difficulty covering cakes with fondant this is an easier alternative for giving the cakes a neat look I hope that you liked the recipe Do try it out and give me feedback If you like the recipe, do like the video For now, the home maker baker is over and out

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  • Your ganache will be whipped in 4-5 minutes. Once done it will have soft peaks and resemble lightly whipped cream or buttercream.
    Also for coloured ganache, colour the hot cream first and then mix into the white chocolate. Make the share thrice as strong in the cream since once white chocolate is added and the whole thing is whipped it will become lighter.